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Into The Spider-Verse Trailer 2: All The Spider-Men

Into The Spider-Verse, a standalone animated Spider-Film being produced by Sony takes a deep dive inside of the deep, multi-dimensional lore of the character… A lore that has emerged after a multitude of different comic authors have wanted to put their own spin on the classic character.

And while previous trailers have shown that the film will depict alternate Spider-Man Miles Morales as well as the more traditional Peter Parker Spider-Man, this trailer takes a closer look at the full Spider-Cast that will be making an appearance. Let’s take a look at each Spider-Person who will be showing up in Into The Spider-Verse, which will be coming to theaters this holiday season.

1. Miles Morales

In the original Miles Morales storyline, the character took over the mantle of Peter Parker’s Spider-Man, who had canonically died in a previous comic. Miles Morales grew up in Brooklyn, as opposed to Peter Parker, who lived in Queens.

When the character was first released/debuted, he received a mixed reaction from fans, with some admiring the writer with taking Spider-Man in a new direction and others bashing his new identity, accusing the writer of choosing the new Spider-Man based off of political correctness. However, over time, love and appreciation for the character has grown, due mostly to his individuality; In other words, Miles Morales is very much his own character, as opposed to a copy of Peter Parker with a different racial identity.

2. Peter Parker

If you know anything about Spider-Man, you probably already know all about Peter Parker. But did you know which Peter Parker this version is? Probably not.

From what they’ve shown of him so far, he seems to be something of an aged Tobey Macguire Spider-Man: If you look closely, the first few seconds of the trailer depict some of the most famous moments from the Sam Rami films. Among them are the upside-down Spider-Man kiss with Mary Jane, the scene in which Spider-Man stops a train from Spider-Man 2, and a close allusion to the scene in which Doc Oc throws a car at Spider-Man while he’s eating dinner with Mary Jane.

3. Spider-Man Noir

Showing up about midway through the trailer, Noir maintains a strict black and white color palette and appears to keep his mask firmly on his face the entire time. Rest assured, however: In his regular comics, he does, in fact, have a real face, in addition to a very dark and gritty background. As his title would lead one to believe, his stories take place in a much darker, more adult universe, in which he uses a combination of his spider powers and guns to beat the baddies.

4. Sp//dr

Referenced among my peers as “The anime one”, Peni Parker is a nine-year-old girl who allowed herself to be bitten by a radioactive spider in order to interface with the AI of the SP//DR mech. The character, who takes inspiration from 90’s Japanese animations, is overall a much more niche version of Spider-Person, and the first of two female Spider-People in this film. The second is…

5. Spider-Gwen

With a sick white re-design of the Spider-Costume, Spider-Gwen exists in a universe where Gwen Stacy was bitten by a radioactive spider rather than Peter Parker. In her universe, Peter Parker is still highly intelligent but is obsessed with Gwen and a rather dangerous character. During prom night, Peter ingests strength-altering chemicals that turn him into a giant mutated lizard, and Gwen is forced to kill him in order to end his rampage.

6. Spider-Ham

We’ve saved the best for last… Spider-Ham was originally a spider who was bitten by a radioactive pig, after which he became a pig instilled with spider powers. He fights such dangerous villains such as King-Pig (Kingpin), The Buzzard (The Vulture) and Raven The Hunter (Kraven The Hunter). He’s basically a joke, but he’s also here. And his jokes sound pretty good. So I’m okay with that.

Featured Image Via Google.

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1 Comment

  1. Hussain Mustansir

    April 6, 2019 at 7:52 pm

    want to see it :0

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