JBL’s new Xtreme 2 portable speakers have just been released, offering a new option for fans of high quality Bluetooth speakers and upgrading on previous models. They are offered in midnight black, forest green, and ocean blue.

Through its bass enhancement, the latest version focuses on expanding music and making it sound as big as it can be. Customers and specialists agree in the fact that this has not made the music sound louder, causing for the sound to be better enjoyed indoors rather than outdoors.

It also seems to perform better at high volumes, gaining a lot of potency at a 60%. When it comes to defects, the vocals sound a bit processed and unnatural, which is frequent in JBL speakers.

However, this doesn’t necessarily become a flaw of the device, as it can be excused by the fact that these speakers attempt to provide the performance of larger devices in medium sized speakers. In fact, these are larger speakers than JBL’s regular, weighing 5.28 pounds.

It has a relatively impressive amount of battery life, providing fifteen hours of performance at a regular volume. Although it is designed to be portable, it would also do an over-average job as a house speaker in a medium-sized room. While it is pretty impressive that it managed to be a waterproof speaker due to its size, its indoors preference leaves that feature almost unused.

Overall, the Xtreme 2 speakers are definitely an improvement from former speakers from JBL, providing high quality sound despite a few drawbacks in performance and use. Some have complained over its price, as it stands as a slightly-overpriced 300$. It becomes even more problematic when considering that the previous Xtreme speakers were a half of that price, at 150$. Despite that, it manages to perform very smoothly and effectively pair with most brand-name smartphones.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons