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Journalist Glenn Edward Greenwald accused by Brazil for Cyber Crimes

Journalist Glenn Edward Greenwald accused by Brazil for Cyber Crimes
  • Mr. Greenwald, accused of supporting the criminal group of hackers
  • Justice Minister Sergio Moro and prosecutor Deltan Dallagnol account hacked
  • Journalist Greenwaldand Six others accused in BrazilsCyber Crime case

Mr. Glenn Greenwald, who is he?

Glenn Edward Greenwald is a renowned American journalist besides being an author too. He came into limelight for his series of reports, which got published beginning from June 2013 in The Guardian newspaper. The report was on detailing the global surveillance programs which happened between the United States and British. The reports were based on classified documents that were disclosed by none other than Edward Snowden.

Latest news about Greenwald:

Mr. Greenwald came into limelight after being accused of helping, guiding as well as encouraging one of the criminal groups that succeeded to hack the phones of Brazilian officials. This criticized journalist very recently published his penned stories for describing the private messages which happened between the public prosecutors. Just at this point, the public prosecutors made the charges. Still, the judge needs to decide if it needs to be indicted formally towards him or not. It is not just Mr. Greenwald as Six other people are accused of illegal telephonic interceptions and for doing conspiracy, among other associated crimes. Brazilian prosecutors claimed that, during the process of his interactions with this group, Mr. Greenwald informed and recommended all its members to erase messages that they send to him in this regard.

What’s the revert of Greenwald?

So far, Mr. Greenwald didn’t give any public response to the latest allegation made against him. In 2019, Mr. Greenwald, along with his colleagues, published a whole series comprising of ten investigative reports on popular news sites named The Intercept. It mentioned “a massive trove of previously undisclosed materials,” as claimed by the Brazilian prosecutors besides other officials. They captured from messages which had been through Telegram, an app that is privacy-focused and claims to capable of keeping “messages safe from hacker attacks”.

The Folha newspaper mentioned in their report that whose accounts got allegedly breached includes the account of the justice minister Sergio Moro as well as prosecutor DeltanDallagnol. Both are involved in the coordination process of Operation Car Wash – a group involved in the nation’s biggest corruption scandal of the era.

Once the report published mentioning the accusations against him, Mr. Greenwald also took up the initiative to the state via “The Daily beast” news site. In it, he mentioned that Brazil’s Supreme Court completely ruled out last year and said that the administration must drop all its investigation going that time on him because such an act was violating all his freedom and rights as a press person.

He gave the statement” “Less than two months ago, the federal police, examining all the same evidence cited by the public ministry, stated explicitly that not only have I never committed any crime but that I exercised extreme caution as a journalist never even to get close to any participation,”. We need to wait and watch what update next comes up on this case.

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