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Kickstarter: The Better Backpack

This Backpack Is Better Than Your Backpack.

Kickstarter has given birth to a lot of amazing products over the years. From self-operating robots to real-life jetpacks to microwave guns to advanced rain shields to some very successful video games, the site has allowed the people to step up and vote with their wallets on what kind of products they’d like to see make their way into the future.

Most times, this results in a lot of items that not only do some nifty stuff but also look cool doing it. Let’s face it: Although we really could use a better mattress, we’re probably a lot more likely to splurge on that 8k VR Headset over there. Yeah, sure, sleep is important, but look at that VR headset! Look at it! I want one.

So while we’re usually content to go chasing the next biggest and baddest product on the market, there are times when we need to take a step back and evaluate the fundamentals of our life. And by solving some fundamental issues, we can take a lot of crippling weight off our shoulders.

Or, at least, make sure that weight is sitting more comfortably on our shoulders so we don’t end up with so much lower back pain.

Weight on shoulders? Lower back pain? Eh? Eh?


See what I did there?

So what makes the “Better Backpack” actually… Better? A few things:

One: It’s made from 100% Recycled Canvas Materials, so you can feel good and green about your purchase, and even greener that your pledge will go towards a campaign made by people who a clearly concerned with keeping things green. It’s an investment towards both the health of the planet and the health of your shoulders. Win-win.

Two: It’s designed to have lots and lots of space before anything else. The bag looks pretty nice —

It’s got a flat and simplistic design that meshes well with pretty much everything – but more importantly, it’s a well-fitted full bag. That means plenty of space for your laptop, your tablet, and that one 560-page BioChem book you used to hate carrying around.

Three: Handles. Three handles. Two on the top: One affixed to the front of the bag, and the other to the back. You hold both when you want to carry it with one hand. This might not seem like that big of a deal, but it actually makes the whole thing a lot sturdier and really cuts down on sway as you walk around. There’s also a lone final handle to one side that allows it to be carried long-ways similar to a suitcase. I can’t see myself doing this too often, but the option is always nice.

Four: Say goodbye to 40+ useless pockets and a bunch of mesh hanging off the sides of older schoolbags. This simplified design has only four pockets: The main compartment, a full-length side space for water bottles, drinks, umbrellas, thermoses and the like, a top pocket for those items you’ll be taking out most often (Think: Pencils, maybe sunglasses), a thin front pocket to add a novel or tablet without disturbing the main load, and a special side compartment that can securely hold keys, a wallet, a phone, headphones, and a whole slew of everyday accessories. This last pocket is designed to be easily accessible without fully removing the bag, and is a lot safer than holding your most valuable items out in the open.

Kickstarter rewards including the backpack are a $109 17-Liter bag and a $119 20-Liter bag. For a backpack, that’s not bad. For a better backpack, it’s definitely not bad.

I’m keeping an eye on this one for sure. Backpacks are one of those little things that we don’t realize how much we rely on until sh*t goes south, and I’d like to keep my sh*t north for the foreseeable future.

All images via the Better Backpack Kickstarter Page.

Joe Detrano
Joe Detrano
I’m a nerd with a wild sense of humor. I’m very good at running tabletop games (Like Dungeons & Dragons), or at least that’s what my players would tell you. I spend about as much time writing new content for those games as I do working on jobs or internships, and love every second of it. I'm a lover of dogs and mint chocolate chip, and my favorite dinosaur is the ankylosaurus. I also play racquetball with friends at least four times a week, go to the gym six times a week, and go for jogs around the neighborhood when I have time, because health is important and stuff. Eat them greens, yo.



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