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Lawrence Fishbourne’s character won’t be returning in Matrix 4

Lawrence Fishbourne won't return in Matrix 4

Lawrence Fishbourne won’t be returning as Morpheus in the Matrix 4, the actor confirmed in a recent statement.

While giving an interview to the Wrap, he said, “I haven’t been invited. Maybe I will write another play. I wish them well, and I hope the movie gets a great review,” he stated.

Fishbourne was one of the key individuals of Matrix tribology who opened the eyes of Keanu Reeve’s hero Neo to the secret world of Matrix.

Matrix hero Neo

However, with the film returning in 2022, Fishbourne is a key player who isn’t returning for the sequel. Fishbourne stated, “It will be the only character that people will remember me for, and I like it. What you get with him is a fusion of Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, Darth Vader, and Obi-Wan. Plus, I have got kung fu.”

There is a good reason why the director Lana Wachowski hasn’t asked Fishbourne to come back in the new film.

At the peak of Matrix Mania, Matrix Online was released. Lily and LA, a Wachowski, stated that whatever happened in the game would become a part of the series. So, there was an event in which Morpheus died.

However, other main characters of the series will return, like Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne Moss, along with Jada Pinkett Smith. However, Hugo Weaving’s iconic character, Agent Smith, won’t be returning.
Some sources have stated that the Matrix 4 will be a prequel which will focus around Morpheus as he became aware of the Matrix.

That would be an exciting twist to the scenario, and Fishbourne’s character will return as Morpheus. Moreover, it will keep the audience more interested in the story. It will also leave room for much more to show in the coming movies. However, for now, it seems like Fishbourne has been sidelined.

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