A new leak that was recently released pertaining to Sony’s PlayStation 4’s 5.0 system update. Prior to the leaks Sony announced that the PS4 would be getting the 5.0 system update soon and a beta would take place in August, at the time no details about the changes or improvements the patch will introduce to the system had been revealed. Gaming magazine Eurogamer has reported that they have obtained the release notes for the 5.0 patch, one of the major changes is now users will have the ability to stream in 1080/60 FPS gameplay through Twitch, however, this feature will only be available to those who have the PS4 Pro, the second major change is now users will be able to follow other PSN members instead of it being restricted to verified individuals like developers.

These new features give PS4 the same possibilities as the Xbox One or Twitter, and similar to those who prefer to keep their business private or just don’t one that one specific person following your every move, the PS4 will have new privacy settings that will allow users to block specific people or restrict yourself to those who are your friends. Smaller changes include the new feature that allows notifications and upload/download statuses to be seen from the Quick Menu that can be accessed by holding the PlayStation button, meaning that users will not have to retreat to the notification screen in order to check any of the messages that gamers may receive while paying a game or using any other application on the PS4. The new update will also come with management tools for parents as well, the update will adjust sub accounts and provide new tools that allow parents to manage what children have access to on PS4, some of the features will even be accessible through PC or smartphone making it more convenient if parents are not near their child’s PS4 at the time.

One feature that has not been mentioned amongst the leaks for the update is the PlayStation Now, though it is speculated that the streaming service will be affected by the update, due to the sign-up for the beta asking about the PS4 owner’s subscription status, but so far there has been no other word on it. The PS4 5.0 update release date is still unknown, but the beta is due to be released in t August for those signed up, Sony will release more details about the update in the upcoming future. Happy gaming!

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons

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