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Leaked Spider-Man Homecoming 2 Plot Details Hints at Possible Death in Avengers 4

Marvel has previously stated that Spider-Man Homecoming 2 will mark the beginning of the so-called “Phase Four” of their cinematic universe, which probably means the universe will adopt some slightly different common themes and ideas until its next big Avengers-sized ensemble film. This makes a lot of sense, since Homecoming 2 is set to release fairly soon after the end of Avengers 4, and will likely tie in closely with whatever happens during that film’s wrap-up. The movie is set to go into production in just a few months, and among this buzz of moving parts have launched a few new rumors about the film’s plot, some of which may be prevelant to who lives – and who doesn’t – by the conclusion of Avengers 4.

It should be noted that these rumors are rumors. They’re not official, and they’re nothing close to anything that one could hedge their bets on. They’re just rumors, so take them just as how you take the rest of your rumors: With an appropriate number of salt grains.

Despite being “just rumors”, however, the leaker in question has proven his truthfulness before when he leaked some Avengers: Infinity War details on Reddit that were proven correct once the film hit theaters.

According to this leak, the film opens with a mournful Peter Parker lamenting over the death of one Tony Stark, a detail that should indict only a fair amount of shock for close fans of the Cinematic Universe, as Stark’s death has been anticipated through a number of Marvel films. The leak also suggests that the film’s main baddie will be the Spider-Man classic villain Mysterio, a newcomer to the cinematic side of Marvel’s heroes. Those familiar with Mysterio’s traditional comic costume will be pleased to know that his traditional “Fishbowl” helmet will make an appearance during the film, though it will not be Mysterio’s usual choice of attire and will more likely be included in a single scene or background reference. Mysterio will supposedly steal a “groundbreaking” piece of technology from the late Mr. Stark and will be working to hand it over to an unconfirmed big baddie that will play a larger role in this next phase of Marvel films. Its up to speculation about who this mysterious boss character is, but Marvel is reportedly hunting for a top-of-the-line actor to fill this role, and the amount of attention given to it combined with the surrounding mystery suggests that this character will be the next major Thanos-esque figure to loom in the background until its time for the next massive full-universe showdown.

The leak also hints at the film building Homecoming’s villainous cast into something resembling the Sinister Sixa classic squad of six Spider-Baddies who join forces to put down the slippery Spider. The original Sinister Six, formed after Doctor Octopus suffered three frustrating defeats in a row at the hands of Spider-Man, consisted of Vulture, Kraven The Hunter, Sandman, and Mysterio. So far, the first Homecoming film has seen only the Vulture make his way to the big screen, but the film also hinted at the existence of Mac Gargan a.k.a. The Scorpion, another of Spider-Man’s long time foes. It’s possible that the MCU iteration of the Six will mix up the included villains in order to mesh more cohesively with the universe that they’ve already constructed.

In any case, the rumors do not suggest that the Six will make an appearance in this film, rather that Homecoming 2 will “plant the seed” for the group, as worded by Movieweb’s report on this same leak.

Once again, although the Reddit leaker has gained some credibility, these details have not been confirmed by either Sony or Marvel, so take them as you will. If you like what you see or want to read more, check out the full leak on Reddit.

Featured Image Via Flickr / Rudy Pratama Agnel

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