A video game lover of Call of Duty seems to have gotten too into his video game, which nearly resulted in a fatality. A young man in Murfreesboro, Tennessee was recently charged with misdemeanor reckless endangerment after his loaded AR-15 went off, firing into his neighbor’s apartment while he was playing Call of Duty.

The police state that the man’s excitement over Call of Duty could have led to a fatal shooting and his elderly neighbor who has asked that her name not be revealed states that she feels lucky to be alive. The 75-year-old woman showed police the hole that the gun left in her wall, “Well it was, scary. I found the hole in the wall. It was dangerous,” when police were called to investigate they found the suspect, 21-year-old Jacob Aaron Curtis playing Call of Duty which was nothing out of the ordinary, however, it was when they found the loaded AR-15, which Aaron states that he was holding in his lap while he was playing the game, police became concerned.

Though it is unclear how the gun was fired since the gun was in his lap Curtis told police, “While playing the game Mr. Curtis stated that he got into the game and the rifle accidentally went off.” The bullet went very low through the neighbor’s wall, nearly hitting his neighbor’s dog and possibly the neighbor had she been in the same room that the bullet had been fired into. “Yeah. It could have killed my dog. He’s my best friend,” the woman stated.

AR-15 Assault Rifles like the one Aaron Curtis has are usually used by heavily armed policemen in some counties. If the bullet had hit and killed the elderly woman Curtis could have been charged with manslaughter in the first degree and could have faced up to 30 years in prison. It is not known if Curtis has any other firearms in his possession but police are not confiscating the weapon as Curtis owns the gun legally, but the police hope will still charge him with misdemeanor reckless endangerment and police hope that he has learned what not to do in real life when playing a video game no matter how excited he gets. Police are also hoping that this will serve as a good lesson about how important it is for anyone who has a firearm to handle it with care, especially when around other people.


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