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MINECON will now be located on your nearest computer

Instead of having an actual MINECON this year, Mojang has announced MINECON Earth, a livestream show that will last around 90 minutes according to Minecon Earth’s official website.

This event can either be livestreamed from home or from special screenings (it is unknown as of yet where these screenings will be held, but I’m assuming it will be a worldwide thing).

Minecon Earth is encouraging people interested in the livestream to make a party out of it or enjoy it from the comfort and quiet of your own home. Using the advantage of having a livestreamed show, MINECON can cover important announcements easier and quicker, instead of dealing with crowds and the noise of any convention.

Along with the announcement of MINECON Earth, Mojang is still encouraging cosplayers to create cosplay and submit it to Mojang. It is unknown if and how the cosplay will be shown to MINECON Earth viewers, but I have a feeling that there may be prizes involved if Mojang decides to make it a contest.

Also, if you are a partner of MINECON, your convention swag will be delivered to your home during MINECON Earth. I’m not sure if that means during the livestream itself or the day of the livestream, but it would be funny if it was delivered during the livestream.

MINECON Earth will also be hosting community events, allowing players to get involved in their local Minecraft communities. Specifically, MINECON Earth will be collaborating with Minefaire, Minevention and Blockfest to bring Minecraft fans together.

“But for many members of our community, making new friends while getting to meet their favourite YouTubers, mapmakers, artists and more is one of the things that made previous MINECONs so special,” said Owen Jones, the director of creative communications at Mojang in a news post about the community events. “For that reason we’re also planning a whole new type of Minecraft show. One that will take place a little closer to home. We’re excited to present: Official Minecraft Community Events!”

Minefaire will be held in Washington, D.C. within the next ten days, Minevention doesn’t have a posted convention date but their conventions are held in the U.K., and Blockfest is a new Minecraft convention with not much detail about timing and location yet.

“These partners (along with many more to come) have gained our official stamp of approval to throw authentic in-person Minecraft experiences. You’ll get to meet your favourite YouTubers and streamers, compete in tournaments and costume contests, see unique content and more,” said Jones about the future community events.

MINECON had its first convention in Bellvue, Washington back in 2010. From then on, MINECON has come to Las Vegas, Nevada, Paris, France, Orlando, Florida, London, England and Anaheim, California. It’s interesting to see a convention that has been around for the past seven years be moved to the digital format.

MINECON Earth will take place on November 18, 2017 at 5pm GMT (that is 1pm EST). Will you be tuning in to this year’s MINECON Earth?

While this is definitely an interesting way to hold a convention, I can’t help to think that this may be a downer for people who do genuinely enjoy going to conventions. People love staying up all night, talking to people they have just met or walk the convention floor for endless hours to look at merchandise or Minecraft gameplay. I think holding a livestream during MINECON may be a better idea, but I guess Mojang wants to test out using this method. At least MINECON will be teaming up with some legitimate Minecraft community events so that fans can interact even if there isn’t an actual MINECON to attend.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.