NASCAR is making its return to the video gaming world in September with it’s new game NASCAR Heat 2. The game was previewed by a select few before E3 as well as having trailers shown for it during E3.

The new game will have two new national car series within it , Xfinity Series and the Camping World Trucks Series, which the developers say will be a great improvement to the game’s career mode, but one of the biggest additions to the Heat 2’s gameplay is the addition of split-screen racing. Studio head of Monster Games Rich Garcia states that the implementing of stage-format racing was actually a last-minute call and required 300,000 lines of code to be erased and rewritten in order to include it, as well as restoring caution flags to online racing, a feature which players have been asking to make a return. The inclusion of the truck series also mean that the fan favorite, dirt racing is coming back to a NASCAR video game for the first time in over a decade, EA Sports NASCAR 09 was the first time when the Camping World Trucks were introduced into the game despite them not racing at Eldora until 2011, despite the trucks having made an appearance in the games in recent years there was still no inclusion of dirt racing in any of those recent games.

As of now, the game is still under heavy development before it is released. According to a source who has played the pre-alpha version of the game, the game still needs to smooth out the over steer issues when the player around corners trailers have shown that the issue is being worked on as well as showcasing the Eldora Speedway as cars drift around it, the raceway recently had a few trucks racing on the track on Wednesday. Eldora, being one of the six new racing tracks added to the game, was mainly added to accommodate the two new series of racing vehicles added to the game. The game also named their trucks series roster, which lists 32 drivers, many of them making their video game debut, including the recent winner at Eldora on Wednesday night, Matt Crafton, as well as series leader Johnny Sauter. The full roster can be seen here: NASCAR Heat 2 is currently still under development is set to release September 12th on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. Happy gaming!