The developers have revealed the player ratings for the upcoming NBA 2K18 basketball game, however, the ratings seem to have left some of the actual NBA stars very unhappy. One of the most upset players is the center for the Philadelphia 76ers Joel Embiid who has had an unfortunate string of injuries in his NBA career, he was asked where he believed his ranking should be he stated that he believed he should be at least a 95 due to his performance on the court last year where he states that he was “the best defender in the league” and due to his size he could shoot three pointers, post up, make plays, and handle the ball well.

So when he received the news that he was only going to be rated as an 86 for the game he was very displeased, “What? That’s bullcrap, I’m not going to curse. I just got fined, so I’m not going to curse, but 86? I’m definitely going to bump it up to 95 during the season.” Most other NBA players were also displeased with their rankings but instead chose to take it with a grain of salt and use it as motivation for to use on the court. Kyrie Irving the guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers figured he should be close to a 95 when asked what he believed his rating should but was rather content with instead receiving a rating of 90 and stated that the rating will be his new motivation, “I love it. It’s motivating me now. By the end of the season, mark my words, I will be a 93 plus.”

Star player for the Portland Trailblazers Damian Lillard actually showed his modesty about his rating after being told that he would be receiving a rating of 89 this year and even stated that it was an improvement on the 90 player rating he received last year. Isaiah Thomas the star of the Boston Celtics showed the same modest attitude when told about his rating after he jokingly predicted he was worth a 96 or higher and even though he believed that he was worth a little more than a 89 he laughed it off and was content with it. The only NBA star who has been shown to be pleased with his rating so far was Karl-Anthony Towns star of the Minnesota Timberwolves who holds an improved rating of 91 he even tweeted about it and later jokingly stated, “I can’t wait to tell Joel I’ve got nothing to complain about, I do trust the process on that one. I do trust the process.” Not all of the NBA player’s ratings have been revealed but so far the ratings have received mixed reviews, hopefully when the game is fully released players will be content with their ratings. Happy gaming!

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons

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