Those who saw the new Wonder Woman movie In theaters last month were treated to a brand new permanent opening for DC films, featuring the animated members of the Justice League coming together in a large group among other DC comic book characters. The group shot of all of the DCEU characters happens rather quickly so for fans who tried to identify all of the characters shown in the intro during that short amount of time, it’s almost definite that a few characters were missed. Luckily a higher quality version of the intro has been released allowing fans to spot the various characters easier, fans have since identified the characters and have begun speculating what their inclusion in the introduction may mean for the DCEU.

There were several heroes and villains shown in the introduction from various DC comics, the boy wonder himself Robin was one of the first heroes spotted in the new intro, after Easter eggs in both Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad hint that the previous Robin was murdered by Joker (meaning it was Jason Todd) fans see why the Robin shown in the introduction is modeled after Tim Drake. The second character fans noticed from the intro was Poison Ivy who is not only another Gotham City resident but also set to appear in the upcoming film Gotham City Sirens, several other DCEU Gotham City villains were seen in the intro though they were not as easy to identify as Poison Ivy, Edward Nigma AKA “The Riddler” and Renee Montoya AKA “The Question” can vaguely be seen among the crowd with Riddler striking his signature pose with his with can be made vaguely out as being his signature question mark cane and The Question wearing her signature outfit and having a more identifiable womanly appearance, while the two villains currently have not been speculated to appear in any upcoming films fans hope that they will make an appearance in later DC films especially The Question who has been missing from DC’s live-action films.

Cheetah and Lobo, two popular DC antiheroes have been identified to be in the intro as well Cheetah has been rumored to make an appearance in the upcoming sequel to Wonder Woman and a film starring Lobo has been in development for over a year with Wonder Woman’s Jason Fuchs writing the script and Brad Peyton directing, fans hope that the films of these beloved characters will appear on the big screen in the future. The current Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes has been featured among the lineup of characters as well a team up movie featuring Ted Kord the original Blue Beetle and Booster Gold has been in development since 2015.

The final characters noticed in the DC introduction are a few villains of the Flash, The Reverse Flash, Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold, and Heatwave can be seen among the characters, so far these characters have only been seen in live-action on The CW’s The Flash and fans believe that their appearance in the new intro could show in which direction the upcoming Flash movie could go in. After seeing this new introduction comic book fans hope that this is DC teasing new films coming out in the near future and these characters will all be a part of them.

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons

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