It’s Time to Take Apart the illegal firearm trade.

This innovative Kickstarter success comes off the backs of established watchmaker TRIWA and the Humanium Metal Initiative, who have formed together to put the parts of illegally traded firearms to a much less violent use.

Here’s how it works: Watchmaker TRIWA has established a partnership with a non-profit organization known as IM. IM receives metal from confiscated illegal firearms and melts down the metals into what the organization is calling Humamium Metal, due to the project’s symbolic fight for humanity and safety from illegal firearms. TRIWA then purchases the metal from IM, refines it, and molds it into this new set of watches.

IM gets quite a bit from this process as well, as every bit of metal that TRIVA and Humanium Metal Initiative purchase is one more bit of monetary incentive that they have to deconstruct and melt down more and more illegally traded firearms.

TRIWA have also ensured that a portion of the money earned from watch sales will circle back to non-profit organizations dedicated to supporting the victims of violent atrocities committed using illegal firearms similar to the ones these watches are made of.

The watches themselves are nothing to scoff at either: With over a dozen available color selections, these pieces are classy enough to stand out wherever they’re presented. In addition to neatly engraved details and carvings on the watch face itself, the piece is covered by sealed sapphire glass that makes it resistant to water damage as well as regular wear and tear. The watch’s strap is also made from recycled materials – this time, crafted not from the metal of the weapons themselves but of the thick leather that makes up the straps of many originally confiscated armaments.

Kickstarter backers can choose from a wide array of color options and specifications much more easily than any in-store purchasers will ever be able to. available customization include altering the color of the watch strap, selecting the style and shade of steel to be used for the casing and dial, and choosing from a 34mm or a 39mm watch.

However, the process to create these watches is a bit more difficult than the standard process to melt down factory-ready metals usually used by professional watchmakers. Because of this, this series of watches will be a bit more expensive than your standard fare. Luckily, you’re currently hearing about the series during its run on Kickstarter, so the discounts being offered to early endorsers are more than enough to offset the jump in prices from a regular, factory-made timepiece.

Using the Kickstarter offers, a single watch rolls out at $227, an impressive 35% off retail pricing. This includes all customization options in addition to a certificate of authenticity directly from the TIRWA team and an exclusive box that will only be available to Kickstarter backers. For those ready to double-time it, the two-watch packs come in at $445, a slightly larger discount than the individual purchase of two watches. Prices continue to escalate from there, as more and more watches are offered. The highest backer reward includes five watches, and will become available after a total investment of just over $1,100.

On a personal note: This Kickstarter project stood out to me because it offered the most restrained, most professional set of backer rewards I have ever seen. Usually, as one moves higher and higher into the realm of backer goodies, they’ll be greeted with some kind of “final tier” that includes a plane ticket up to see the people who made the product, or a voice-acted part in an upcoming short film or game, or something of the sort. This project impressed me due to its restraint against offering any kind of crazy rewards like that. Higher commitments paid out in more watches – it’s that simple. And for a project that aims to both provide a quality product and contribute something to the world at large, simple is one of the best things it can be.

Featured Image via the Offical Kickstarter Page

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