The new Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer reveals Yoda in an action sequence never seen before. The new trailer was officially released at Gamescom on August 22nd, but it was leaked a week early. In the trailer, the Jedi Master is seen flying his own spaceship while caught in the midsts of an intense space battle.

Our favorite green, force-wielding Jedi was previously seen exclusively fighting combat battles throughout the Star Wars saga. While Yoda will continue to fight combat battles in Battlefront 2, specifically fighting Darth Maul (as seen in the previous trailer for Battlefront 2), Yoda will also take part in an epic space battle on Kamino, in the Starfighter Assault game mode.

As seen in the sixth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Yoda has certainly piloted his own starship in the past when he traveled to Dagobah in a Jedi Starfighter. But his flight in Battlefront 2 will be very different from this relaxing coast to a swamp planet. This will be the first time fans can see Yoda taking part in one of the iconic space battles Star Wars is known for, and until now, has been an essential portion of the Star Wars saga Yoda has been excluded from.

With a possible Yoda spin-off anthology film in the works, Yoda’s new role in Battlefront 2 might reveal a side of Yoda we may see more of in the future.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is receiving more interest from fans thanks to the addition of single player mode, as well as a few adjustments made to EA’s business model. There will no longer be season passes available, but there will be free DLC, with the option to purchase microtransactions.

Ever since the release of the first Battlefront, which came out in 2015, fans were ticked off that the add-ons available were expensive and contained the best, and some would argue the most interesting, portions of the game. Making DLC free will give each gamer the same, fun experience with the option to purchase microtransactions for a few extra bucks. The microtransactions will allow the gamer to speed up their progress within the game, but their advancement through the game will depend on the gamer’s own performance.

With the addition of the new footage of Yoda engaging in one of the space battles, the hype for Battlefront 2 may only increase. Apart from the Yoda space battle, the new trailer also features a glimpse at the different ship types, including the X-Wing and Y-Wing as well as Poe Dameron’s black X-Wing, the Millennium Falcon, and Darth Maul’s Scimitar.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 comes out November 17th on Xbox, Playstation, and PC. However, there will also be an Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition for sale, providing gamers access to the game three days early.


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