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New VR Game Dino Frontier to be Released on PlayStation VR in August

Dino Frontier, a city simulator that combines cowboys and dinosaurs, will be released on August 1 on PlayStation VR, according to a blog post on the PlayStation official blog.

In the game, the player acts as a god-like figure (named the Big Mayor) that controls their settlers and town with their hands. While assigning settlers to tasks like chopping down wood, harvesting berries, mining, etc., the player can also use a giant hammer to create buildings, pick up settlers to assign them to different tasks, cut down weeds, and water trees.

Dinosaurs in the game are shown to be mostly used to ride into battle and to carry wagons in the official gameplay trailer. But, in order to use the dinosaurs, players must tame them first, otherwise, settlers could be attacked or even eaten by them. Also, the player and settlers have to beware of enemies that will come and attack them. More information on the gameplay can be found on the PlayStation official YouTube channel.

Along with the gameplay, it’s easy to move the camera around and the UI is kept simple so that the player can focus on gameplay and interacting with the environment, according to the blog post.

The game was originally announced at PlayStation Experience 2016 (held in Anaheim, Cal.) and was said to be released sometime in 2017, according to its official announcement video on the PlayStation official YouTube channel. Dino Frontier is developed and published by Uber Entertainment (different from the ride-share company Uber) and will be released on other VR headsets after it releases on PlayStation VR, according to UploadVR.

“In 2016 we released the critically acclaimed Wayward Sky as a launch title for PlayStation VR. With Dino Frontier we’ve built on our experience to make a second-generation VR game. Dino Frontier offers a core experience to satisfy players eager for deeper VR gameplay,” said Forrest Smith, co-director of Dino Frontier in the blog post.

Uber Entertainment previously released the VR game Wayward Sky, which was a launch title for PlayStation VR back in October of 2016. In that game, you play a pilot who has to save her kidnapped father and must figure out her way through puzzles and ruins in order to find him. Players can play in both third-person to control where the pilot, Bess, is supposed to go or go into first-person to solve puzzles (since the goal of VR is to directly involve “you” in the game somehow.

Wayward Sky received a score of 72 on Metacritic. Aside from complaints about the PlayStation VR controls and the not quite challenging enough puzzles, critics believe that the game is a solid PlayStation VR launch title release (this makes me want to play Dino Frontier, since it seems like Uber Entertainment has a grasp on VR). One review from GameCritics gave Wayward Sky a score of 90.

“This brief length shouldn’t discourage anyone with a PSVR from playing Wayward Sky, though – besides being a stellar proof-of-concept showing how one of the oldest genres of gaming will do just fine in this brand new format, it’s a great title all on its own, and a genuine standout of the launch lineup,” said the reviewer. The full game review can be found here.

Dino Frontier will be released on PlayStation VR on August 1 and, as mentioned before, will come to other VR headsets. The game will cost $29.99 and you can find out more information from the PlayStation Store official website.

PlayStation VR seems to be one of the strongest VR competitors out there (along with Samsung VR), and they seem to have a consistent line-up of VR titles that have been released so far.

Featured image via Flickr/PlayStation.Blog.

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.