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Nintendo Bans Online Services on Modded Nintendo 3DS’

Nintendo has banned online services for Nintendo 3DS’ that have been modded using programs like homebrew, according to Polygon.

Players who are using hacked Nintendo 3DS’ are getting Error Code 002-0102, which informs the Nintendo 3DS user “access to online services has been restricted by Nintendo.” The issue is blowing up on several popular forums, with users taking a picture of the error message after they have been caught with a modded Nintendo 3DS.

The friends list would be made inaccessible and online services like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu are also inaccessible, also according to Polygon. The only online services still made available on these Nintendo 3DS’ are the Nintendo eShop and the internet browser. Nintendo later confirmed that they were in the process of banning modded 3DS’, according to Mashable. This was in order to ensure the protection of their intellectual property.

In a statement to Kotaku, Nintendo commented, “As a result of a number of users making unauthorized system modifications, playing unauthorized versions of one or more games and/or connecting to the game servers in violation of our terms of service, Nintendo has banned those users’ systems from accessing its online network, effective immediately.”

Nintendo is known for being notoriously strict on modding, banning online services for anyone who hacked into Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, according to SegmentNext. Players would hack into these games in order to acquire certain Pokémon for competitive purposes, and as a result lost access to online features such as Global Missions and Battle Competitions. Users received a similar error message as the one mentioned earlier that has been given to modded Nintendo 3DS’. Players were still able to access the main game and play through the main storyline, but were rendered unable to use any online features.

Back in 2014, a new Nintendo 3DS hack named Sky3DS gave users access to illegally downloaded games, according to HuffPost. Users would insert the Sky3DS cartridge into the Nintendo 3DS after they’ve downloaded free versions of any game off the internet. The simplicity on how the Sky3DS hack could be used posed a huge problem for Nintendo, since the recent bans have been based off of downloading hacking files directly to the Nintendo 3DS. The Sky3DS seems to still be available for purchase online and has several reviews within the past year available to watch on YouTube.

In general, Nintendo is extremely protective of their intellectual property, shutting down several modifications to their games. One game shut down was Pokémon Uranium, made by two fans without the permission of The Pokémon Company or Game Freak, the developers of the Pokémon franchise, according to Chip ChickPokémon Uranium was in development for nine years, featuring new and old Pokémon, a new region, different gyms to battle in and online services.

Several months later, another fanmade Pokémon game Pokémon Prism was also shut down, also according to Chip Chick. This time, though, Nintendo was more vicious in their shut down of the game because it was built off original IP Pokémon Gold, and creator Adam Vierra posted about Pokémon Prism on both Facebook and YouTube. The game wasn’t able to be released before Nintendo informed Vierra that releasing it will cause legal issues.

Not every modded Nintendo 3DS has been banned yet, also according to Mashable. Users with modded Nintendo 3DS’, though, are scared that they will be next since some have been banned and others may not receive the ban at all. Nintendo has yet to comment on when or if these bans will ever be lifted, a strong message to the modding and hacking community.

Featured image of first version of Nintendo 3DS at E3 via Wikimedia Commons.

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