From 1981 to now, this legendary icon has brought joy to all first appearing alongside another famous, banana loving, barrel throwing icon, until finally getting his own spotlight and recognition in 1985 since then he and his brother have had their own TV show, video games, and even become mascots for their company. We’ve all heard of him, played his games and probably even watched his TV show, he’s been apart of our lives since we were young and probably still is. He continues to bring both joy and frustration to us all both young and old. Can any of you guess who it is? C’mon you know this, blue suspenders, red long sleeve, white gloves, bushy brown mustache, and his infamous red cap. Have you guessed it now? Yep, it’s the one and only Italian-American plumber from Brooklyn who always saves the day and gets the girl (or more specifically the princess) and as he would say, “It’s-a-me! Ma-ri-o!”

The world’s favorite Italian-American Brooklyn plumber has a huge announcement, he and his friends are jumping out of the Mushroom Kingdom and into Universal Studios Japan theme park. Yes, Mario from the hit Super Mario Bros. series (among other Mario themed games) is getting his own attraction in Japan’s Universal Studios.

The attraction will be called “Super Nintendo World” a spin-off of the name for the Super Mario World video game for the Super Nintendo. The attraction will debut in 2020 and will also receive future attractions to debut in both the Florida and California Universal Studios theme parks. Videos of the future attraction debuted earlier this week and depicted a recreation of the Mushroom Kingdom with Mario greeting guests as they ran into the park, the video itself is only a computer generated graphic design of what Universal Studios and Nintendo hope to create.

Nintendo originally announced this partnership with Universal Studios in November 2016, Nintendo stated that the attraction would have something for everyone, for gamers who grew up playing Mario and his games, the attraction is set to feature other attractions, restaurants and shops everyone is sure to love. Screenshots of the park in construction have been released on Twitter, it’s nowhere near complete but so far the construction done on the new attraction looks like it will be an exact replica of the Mushroom Kingdom complete with all the people and creatures that inhabit it. The Universal Studios Japan’s “Super Nintendo World” is set to open to the public in the year 2020 complete with attractions reminiscent from the Super Mario series we all know and love. “Here-we-GOOOOOO!

Featured Image via Pixabay

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