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OnePlus is Unveiling a Mystery phone in January 2020

OnePlus Mystery phone

OnePlus has produced amazing phones throughout 2019. Now, it is working on a mysterious phone, which it will release in January 2020.   

OnePlus itself has confirmed this. The company has clarified that it will host its event at CES 2020 in January. CES 2020 is the annual tech show where the company will release the ‘OnePlus Concept One.’  

The company announced the CES event and the concept phone on December 17, which marks OnePlus’s sixth birthday. 

A concept phone is a handset released by a company, which doesn’t plan to launch on a big scale. The company mainly uses it to introduce new tech. Some common examples of concept phones are TCL’s Dragonhinge and Xiamoi’s Mi Mix Alpha. Moreover, Oppo also revealed a nameless prototype device recently. None of these phones will be widely available. However, they show the company’s latest tech. If you are interested in the latest smartphone tech, you should read about The Red Hydrogen here.

Currently, we don’t know much about the OnePlus concept phone, but that’s the main target of the company. OnePlus wants to amaze us with its new and unexpected technology. We know that it will be a smartphone, so people who are expecting a smartwatch or some other tech will be disappointed.   

OnePlus states in a press release that the name ‘Concept One’ indicates that there is going to be a Concept Two and so on. This suggests that the company has plans to release a series of handsets.   

OnePlus calls the phone as ‘smoother and faster’, which refers to a fast chipset and high refresh rate. However, the company also says that the new device will be ‘burdenless.’ This is open to many interpretations. We think that this means that the device is going to be foldable. Motorola has introduced the Motorola Razr, which is a foldable phone. You can call foldable a ‘burdenless phone because it is smaller and easier to handle. OnePlus has also said that the new device will have an alternate design, which supports our claims. However, we will have to wait to know for sure. 

There is another evidence that indicates that the OnePlus mystery phone will be foldable. The launch ceremony is happening in the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, which is the most foldable-phone looking hotel you could find. However, this is only a hunch.   

We don’t know for sure exactly when the OnePlus CES 2020 event will happen. The company has given the date from 7 to 10 January 2020. However, this indicates all the run-time of the tech show at Las Vegas. The company may showcase the phone at the beginning, and then people test the phone in the remaining days.   

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