PanasonicĀ is releasing the follow up to its Lumix LX100, the LX100 II, four years after the original device’s release. The first device was already considered to be one of the best commercial cameras out there, being practical and offering high-quality pictures. This second version focuses on increasing pixel quantity and integrating some of Panasonic’s latest features.

Since the brand had those goals in mind, the device ended up being sort of similar to other models, mainly the GX9. It features the same sensor and image processor, as well as integrating its 4K Photo burst mode. Other features are Bluetooth (for connecting and remote file transfer), USB charging and Touchpad AF, which lets you position the AF point using the LCD while your eye is to the finder.

However, as much as the LX100 II innovates from its predecessor, it doesn’t really break any new ground, especially for Panasonic. It overall seems like an effort to make the LX100 catch up with other devices from the company, rather than going forward. Sure, it offers great functionality and a really solid performance overall, but that is what the first LX100 had going for it since the beginning. This new device is 1000$ in price, and the previous one will still be available in the market for 600$. Although the device is overall really solid and improves an already great camera, Panasonic’s mentality behind the product is maybe a bit concerning.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons


  • Alyssa

    Seams like a really nice camera

  • Maya Asregadoo

    Awesome that the camera has bluetooth capabilities!