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PC Gaming Show At E3 2017! Big Showcase For PC Gamers!

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly referred to as E3 will have it’s next event live June 13th, 2017 to June 15th 2017, the exposition will feature announcements, keynotes, demonstrations, and surprises from well-known gaming companies such as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. But, in keeping with the favorable news PC gamers have received all throughout year, PC gamers will be able to join in on all of the action for the third year in a row at E3 and is set to be presented by renowned online PC gaming magazine for all of the latest in reviews, updates, exclusives, and demos for all PC gaming franchises, PC Gamer.

PC Gamer has stated that this year’s show will center around showcasing primarily virtual reality (VR) and e-sports content due to the increase in popularity over the previous year. The PC Gaming show is partnered with the popular technology company Intel, who plan to showcase their recently released Core X line desktop processors, offering more updated and advanced versions of their currently available Core i5 and Core i7 processor models, as well the release of the all new powerful Core i9 processor.

The widely popular multiplayer last man standing shooter developed by gaming company Bluehole for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One, known as Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds is expected to announce new features, gameplay and gameplay modes, Microsoft itself is also set to make an appearance in order to promote their Xbox Play Anywhere feature, where as long as the consumer has purchased a digitally owned Xbox Play Anywhere game they are free to use play that title on either PC or Xbox One whenever and wherever they want as a way to connect Xbox One gamers and Microsoft 10 PC gamers through shared gaming franchises. PC gaming has been receiving a lot of favorable news, and announcements such as new PC desktops, highly advanced monitors, virtual reality systems, and brand new games and PC Gamer has announced that PC gamers can expect a lot more surprises in the upcoming PC Gaming Show. The PC Gaming Show will begin live streaming on their Twitch channel, the time schedules are as follows: San Francisco: 10AM / New York: 1PM / London: 6PM / Berlin: 7PM / Moscow: 8PM / Beijing: 1AM (June 13th) / Tokyo: 2AM (June 13th) / Sydney: 3AM (June 13th). Be sure to tune in for huge updates in PC gaming. Happy gaming!


Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons

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