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Peaky Blinders Season 6: Everything we know so far

Peaky Blinders

The sixth season of Peaky Blinders will come in 2021. Originally, the show was supposed to end at series 5; however, it took over the world.   

After an intense cliffhanger ending, things didn’t finish after the five series. However, we only know that there will be a season 6 of Peaky Blinders and the title of episode 1. Besides this, we don’t know much. We already know that the preproduction has started, along with the scripts, however, we are still waiting for a release date and more information.   

We have some big spoilers related to Peaky Blinders, seasons 1 to 5 below. You can view it on BBC iPlayer in the U.K. or Netflix internationally. If you are interested in other Netflix series, you should check out Netflix’s latest series, The Witcher. 

Currently, we don’t have a release date of Peaky Blinders season 6 yet. In a talk with Digital Spy and others, the creator Steven Knight mentioned in August 2019, that the original didn’t go further than season 5.  He said, “Originally, we planned to end things with the season 5. However, I thought that so many people are into the series now that we shouldn’t stop it now.” 

Director Anthony Byrne said to BBC sounds’ Obsessed With… Peaky Blinders, “I didn’t have an idea when it will come out, maybe early 2021.” Whatever the release date, Netflix subscribers will have to wait for a month after the Peaky Blinders season 6’s BBC premiere. 

Currently, there is no trailer for Peaky Blinders season 6; however, that’s because the shooting hasn’t started. Byrne said to GQ that the plan is to shoot in early 2020. The filming will begin on 11th February in Scotland and Liverpool.  

Byrne said in September 2019, “Currently, I am reading the scripts, which Steven is writing,” he said in September 2019. We plan to start the shooting of season 6 in early 2020. The name of the first episode is ‘Black Day.’” 

Peaky Blinders season 6

After the shocking end in season 5, you should expect to see some familiar faces in season 6. There will be some parts connecting the Tommy’s failed assassination of Sir Oswald Mosely. However, we don’t know much about the cast. But Cillian Murphy will surely return as Tommy, other than Shelby suspects. We saw a gun to his head at the season 5 ending. However, we think he will live.  

The suspense increases when we consider Michael’s mysterious partner Gina. Was the couple behind the assassination’s failure? However, we know one thing, and it is that we will see more of Gina’s family in season 6.  

Byrne said to GQ in August 2019, “In season 6, expect to see Gina and his family. Moreover, Oswald and some other people around him will be revealed in season 6.” Byrne also mentioned that Stephen Graham would be involved in the future of Peaky Blinders.  

Peaky Blinders holds a special place in the U.K. prestige drama. Moreover, more prominent names are arriving with every season. The viewership has increased manifolds since the show began. The cast and director will try their best to make the season 6 the best season of Peaky Blinders.  


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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.