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Pirates Of The Caribbean Galaxy S8 Variant Gets Announced

Avast! Ye scurvy dogs! There be no time fer ye to be fiddling on yer fancy phone devices! When I tell ye that a new Pirates of the Caribbean variant of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is being released in China in celebration of the new movie Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. So ye best be saving up yer doubloons and checking yer upgrade plans to see if ye be eligible fer this new fangled gadget and set sail for China! Unless ye don’t be caring about no pirates and if ye don’t be caring about the life of a pirate, well then it’s time for you to walk the plank!

Now that I have you all speaking the pirate language I have some very exciting news for all of you Pirates Of The Caribbean fans out there, in case you had any trouble understanding my pirate language at the beginning, in honor of the 5th installment of the Pirates Of The Caribbean film series Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tale, China is releasing a Pirates Of The Caribbean variant of the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. However, as a fair warning to all those who expect the phone to come completely customized with everything Pirates Of The Caribbean related, sadly it is simply a normal Samsung Galaxy S8 with a Pirates Of The Caribbean themed phone case. Which is unlike the previous time Disney partnered with Samsung on a product, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge back in 2015 was released alongside an Iron Man themed limited edition variant in celebration of the release of the movie, Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron the phone came complete with an Iron Man customized phone, internal theme, ringtone, an “arc reactor” wireless charger (Tony Stark’s mechanized replacement “heart”) and a clear phone case to show off the flashy red and gold design of the phone.

Despite the phone itself not coming as customized with its token movie unlike its previous counterpart the Samsung Galaxy S8 is set to ship with pirate themed accessories that coincide with the movie such as a golden pirate ring. As underwhelming as the phone may be, for those of you who are huge fans of the Pirates Of The Caribbean film series and looking to upgrade your phone then maybe this phone is for you. The phone will retail for about 6000 Yuan ($880 U.S.) and is set to go on sale in June in China, so if the pirates life be fer then it’s time to set sail for China to claim yer treasure.

Featured Image via Fickr/ben.hannis

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