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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Beats GTA V’s All-Time High Steam Players Record

The free-for-all, last-player-standing PC shooter game known as PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds has just beaten the record of one of the most popular games on PC: PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds is one of the PC gaming community’s most popular games and on Saturday, July 15th the game hit 382,779 simultaneous players on Steam, a new record for the game that placed it as the fourth highest ranking for peak concurrent players in Steam’s history.

The game outmatched GTA V, another very popular game on PC that held a record of 360,762 since its launch on PC in April 2015. The top three games that were able to top the simultaneous players on Steam are Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Fallout 4, Valve the owner of Steam develops the online multiplayer battle game Dota 2 as well as the military shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and due to their massive number of players they will likely continue to hold their number one spots on with Dota 2 having 1,291,328 players and Counter Strike: Global Offensive having 850,485 players.

Fallout 4 holds the third place title with 471,955 players, but it is rumored that a new shooter from Bluehole could surpass that of Fallout 4. GTA V being ranked in the fifth place position came as a shock to many gamers as the game has been one of the best selling games since its debut on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 2013 and was always one of the top-10 best-sellers in the United States and the game further cemented that position after its release on PC.

However, games such as Fallout 4 received help in rising to fame due to the large marketing campaign done by their developers, a well as fans of the series demanding another game in the developer’s postapoclypic setting. PlayerUnkown’s Battleground no different, the game comes from a small developer in South Korea who specializes in creating free-to-play online multiplayer games and though he started out with a small audience his audience is continuing to grow, part of the reason why is due to Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene who designed the concept for the game originally as a mod for the PC military simulator Arma III. But Bluehole, became interested in the Greene’s work and offered to partner with him in making a standalone version of the game, which came to be the shooter that PC gamers enjoy today.Some players even expect the game to surpass the current top holder for most players Fallout 4 and with new updates coming to the game in the future it may just be possible.Happy gaming!

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