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PlayStation 5 New DualSense Controller Revealed

PlayStation 5 DualSense

PlayStation has stuck with the same controller for several years. However, the PlayStation 5 is the first major change in the PlayStation controller history. The name of the new controller is DualSense.  It has replaced DualShock, a collection of controllers that lasted for generations. This new controller capitalizes on the success of the DualShock 4.  

DualSense is a wireless controller for the PlayStation 5, and is an official wireless controller that will come out along with the console. This device has several features that weren’t present in DualShock 4 or other previous PlayStation controllers.  

The PlayStation controller also features a built-in microphone array, which allows players to chat without a microphone stand. This system is going to help in other microphone-centric features for games; however, Sony says that currently, it’s just for a chat.  

Instead of the “Share” button from DualShock 4, there is the “Create” button in DualSense. Sony says that this new button will provide epic gameplay to share with the world. 

DualShock 4

The new controller also features haptic feedback, just like you have had in your smartphone for over a decade. Moreover, there are new adaptive triggers in the controller R2 and L2 buttons. In this way, you can truly feel immersed in your actions, like drawing a bow to shoot an arrow. 

There is a lack of a battery panel, like other DualShock controller. Moreover, the controller features a USB-C instead of the micro-USB. Thus, it will charge faster in comparison to the previous controller, and it would have slightly faster response times.  

Jim Ryan, the CEO of Sony, said in a statement, “DualSense is a departure from our previous controllers. It just goes on to show how we feel about the generational leap with PS5. Moreover, the new controller, along with other amazing features, will be transformative for games. This will facilitate our mission to push the boundaries of play in the present and the future. I truly thank the PlayStation community for sharing the journey with us as we move towards the launch of PlayStation 5. We will share more information about PS5 in the next few months.” 

We will keep you posted with the latest updates. You can also read the details of the recently held PlayStation 5 reveal event here.

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