Bad news for all those who were excited for the hunt for fantastic deals with Prime Day, which began just one hour and twenty minutes ago and ends at 3:00 AM on July 18th.

It would appear that for all those excited shoppers who were not waiting for the countdown to end on the landing page in the moments leading up to the start of the event, the deals are now inaccessible.

Now, when one attempts to navigate to the Amazon Prime Day page, they are instead greeted with a page that celebrates Prime Day, and includes links to a few of the deals that Amazon really wants users to check out – This Page, for all who have not tried to get in so far.

Unfortunately, when a user clicks on any of the links on that page other than Amazon’s Alexa, they are brought to another landing page that simply reads, “Click Here To See All The Deals Available For Prime Members”.

When a user clicks that link, they are directed back to the first page. And from there, it’s an endless loop – back and forth and back and forth.

Users can escape this loop by using the search bar, but this is far from a total fix. Any pages users get to by using the search bar will only display about 4 or 5 results at maximum per page, while believing that a dozen or more products are being displayed. In other words, users will miss out on 60% of the available deals. Worse still, many pages will simply show up as totally unavailable.

Although this problem will likely be rectified within a short amount of time as Amazon adjusts their servers to the volume of shoppers, it’s a larger problem than it might initially seem. Many of the offers of Prime Day are available in highly limited quantity, and the few that were able to get in by being on the countdown page prior to the beginning of prime day will be able to get access to the first round of deals without anyone being able to get in.

Amazon will likely fix this issue within a few hours, bit it’s still puzzling that they would be caught unprepared for the amount of people gearing to take advantage of deals on their Prime Day, especially after they themselves marketed the event so heavily.

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  • Caroline Walker

    They for sure should have been more prepared! Must have been very disappointing for a lot of shoppers.

  • Alicia Cline

    Probably one of the worst times for their website to stop functioning properly