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PS5 is going to cost less than $1000 and here’s why

PlayStation Controller

Sony announced the PlayStation 5 in early 2019, and since then, many rumors have been going on regarding its specs and design. However, the question on everyone’s mind right now is, how much will the PS5 cost? 

There have been many believable rumors going on regarding the PS5 price. However, some of them are ridiculous. Recently, there was a leak going on that PS4 is going to cost around $1,163. However, Sony debunked that rumor. So, here we are going to list all the rumors regarding the PS5’s price. We will also tell you the stories that we think are true, and those we believe are false.  

We think that the PlayStation 5 is going to cost less than $1000. To understand it, you will have to know about the PS4 vs. Xbox One console war. Sony and Microsoft are rivals and fight for their brand supremacy. However, everyone knows that Microsoft made some big mistakes with the Xbox One, and thus, PlayStation 4 won over it.  

Xbox One was initially sold for $499. However, the PlayStation 4 was $100 cheaper and cost $399. This $100 mark made all the difference and made the PlayStation 4 famous. Many claimed that the Xbox One was quite expensive, and they were right, to some extent.  

PlayStation 4

Due to this, Microsoft was at a disadvantage since the beginning, and its sales were affected. Until then, Microsoft had been dominating Sony in the console market, but it all changed due to Xbox’s high price. As of two months ago, Sony’s PlayStation 4 sales were up to 102 million, whereas Microsoft’s Xbox One sales were somewhere between 30 million and 70 million.  

We may say that Sony is smarter than Microsoft, but Sony had already learned its lesson with the PlayStation 3. Its price tag was $599. When the sales suffered, Sony reduced the price. Although it worked, many developers and players had already moved to Microsoft’s Xbox 360.  

All this shows that gamers don’t put up with the expensive price tags, no matter how loyal they are to a specific brand. That’s why we think that the price of the PS5 will be below $1000. Sony made a mistake once, but it won’t repeat the same mistake.  

It’s a fair point that the PS5 is going to have top-end components, so it’s going to cost more. However, Sony knows that just a bit lower price tag, will make PS5 sell like hotcakes. If a user has to choose between two consoles that look the same and boast similar power, he will choose the one with the lower price tag.  

Let’s consider for a moment that Sony sells PS5 at a high price of $1000. Would you buy it with a heavy heart? Most people wouldn’t. Honestly, we would wait for the price to go down or check its rivals, like Xbox Series X. Some gamers would also go for a high-specced PC because you could a more powerful gaming PC for the same price.  

Now that we have assured you that PS5 is going to cost way less than $1000, the question is that what is its exact price going to be. A recent leak has suggested that its price in North America will be $499. This is $100 more than the launch price of PS4 and PS4 pro. We think that this rumor is true to some extent.  

Although some people will think that it’s still a bit expensive, it’s an excellent price for the specs you will be getting. One of the main reasons that the rumor is true is because it is in line with all the technology Sony is using in the PS5. Even if this leak turns out to be false, we expect that the PS5 would cost somewhere around $500.   

You could play the top games on PS4, like GTA V, FIFA 20, and Sims 4. On PS5, you will be able to play both old school and the next generation games on it. Thus, the PS5 is definitely worth $499.   

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.