Reddit is Weird.

Reddit is a community-driven news and forum site that gives users the ability to create their own ‘categories’ of the site and choose what is and what is not allowed. Users can create as many categories as they wish, can choose who to invite and who not to invite, and can even manage who has the power to ban other users from their own sub-section of Reddit (Commonly known as a ‘subreddit’ or ‘sub’).

A lot of good content has emerged from this feature. Lots of ‘subs’ are what people would expect other people to make with this feature. “aww” is a site on which lots of pictures of cute animals are posted. “TheDonald” is a Pro-Trump subreddit. “news” does exactly what it sounds like it does.

But when you give the internet the power to create categories based on ANYTHING it wishes, you get a lot of weird and unusual bi-products. Let’s take a look through some of these, shall we?


“Upvoted Not Because Girl But Because It Is Very Cool However I Do Concede That I Initially Clicked Because Girl”

Longest acronym ever? Maybe. All I know is I’m not typing that every time. Let’s go with “UNB” for short.

“UNB” is pretty much exactly what is sounds like, and once you get past the hilarity of the acronym, there’s not much to it: It’s a collection of a bunch of videos, gifs and images of attractive women doing incredible things: Lifting heavy weights, jumping over stuff, shooting arrows with their feet, and the like. Some pretty cool stuff on there.

2. “Superbowl

Ha. You thought you’d find posts related to sports.

See, “Superbowl” isn’t “Super bowl”. It’s “Superb Owl”. And thus, lots of pictures of Owls doing Owl things is all you’re going to find here. Take your sports-ball nonsense somewhere else, we’ll have none of that here.

3. “RealBeesFakeTopHats

Eleven thousand people.

Eleven thousand people are subscribed to a sub about looking at images of real bees wearing fake top hats. There’s really nothing else to it: Every picture on this sub is a picture of a bee with a top hat poorly photoshopped upon its head.

Too much free time, I tell you. Too much free time.

4. “CatsStandingUp

And you thought eleven thousand was a lot. We’re just getting started.

“CatsStandingUp” comes in with 304k subscribers, but it is aided in reaching that goal with one adorable twist: The only word that can be posted in the subreddit is “Cat”.

This means that every post is titled “Cat”. Every comment on every post is “Cat”. Some comments are upvoted. Some are downvoted. There’s no rhyme or reason. There’s no difference. They are all “Cat”.

And the sub enforces this law with an iron fist. Lurking in the internet community at all times is an AI. A bot with the sole purpose to instantly ban anyone who posts any kind of text into the sub that isn’t “Cat.”

So don’t try it. You have been warned.

5. “EthiopianFood

If you thought this would be pictures of Ethiopian Food, you clearly haven’t learned a thing.

Instead, it’s nothing.


There are no posts.

There are 12.5k people subscribed to this subreddit.

Including me.

And no posts.

At any time, any random person from the internet could have posted something here and ruined this tiny little in-joke. But no one has.

It’s amazing. It shouldn’t exist. And yet somehow, it does.

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  • Maya Asregadoo

    “RealBeesFakeTopHats” is definitely the best subreddit out there.

  • Caroline Walker

    This is great, I don’t have reddit, but sounds like an interesting place to be involved.