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Re:Legend surpasses Kickstarter goal

Re:Legend has surpassed its goal of $51,432 on Kickstarter in under 18 hours, according to this Kickstarter update from the developer Magnus Games LLP.

“Thank you for believing in our project. We’ve came a long way and it’s finally happening! Re:Legend can finally be made and our dream will come true! It was a tough journey along the way since ‘Legend of Lumina’, but we manged [managed] to pull it through thanks to you guys,” said the developers in response to reaching their goal.

The Legend of Lumina the developers are referring to is a game similar to Re:Legend that began development in late 2015, but the developers were forced to stop further development due to lack of funding from an investor according to the game’s description on Kickstarter.

Well, it seems that fans were passionate enough about the game to raise over $206,000 (note: this amount was at the time of writing, but funding for the game keeps quickly increasing) from over 3,000 backers.

Re:Legend will be published under Square Enix Collective, an indie game publisher run by Square Enix where fans can vote on which games they want to see come to life. On the Square Enix Collective website, Re:Legend scored a 99 percent ‘yes’ and a one percent ‘no,’ which allowed the project to continue moving forward.

In Re:Legend, you play as a character that washed up on the shores of Vokka Island with a loss of memory. You encounter monsters called Magnus, which the player can train and ride or fight in combat. Also, the Magnus will be able to evolve depending on how you care for it, making these adorable creatures even more powerful. Each Magnus will have a special use, so the player can try to collect them all to use for their daily tasks.

Your daily tasks will consist of farming, mining, fishing, and more that will help the character increase their skill level. A more interesting twist on farming, which many previous farming simulators haven’t done before, is that there is an underwater farming feature and players can also keep fish as pets on the farm.

Also, similar to farming simulator franchise Harvest Moon, the player will be able to interact with villagers in Vokka Village. Some of these villagers can be wooed, which can lead to possible marriage between the player and a villager. The developer states that they have thought about implementing homosexual couples in the game, but nothing is finalized yet according to Re:Legend’s FAQ.

Along with being able to interact with villagers, you will be able to interact with your friends, too, with the multiplayer feature. Anywhere between one to four players can be in a game at once, which can help the player do tasks quicker. Also, the more you interact and help build up the village, the more people will come and move in that can help you with your farm.

Depending on which pledge you pay for, players can also be rewarded a plushie of one of the Magnus’ found in the game. Honestly, for that alone, I think that would be worth it to buy the more expensive pledge. Although Re:Legend has been inspired by many others, it manages to separate itself from the pack and make itself unique.

Are you interested in exploring the world of Re:Legend, and discovering how you ended up on Vokka Island?

The estimated arrival for Re:Legend will be in June 2018. As of currently, the game will only be available on PC, but if it reaches certain stretch goals can also be available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Featured image via the Re:Legend official Kickstarter page.

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.