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(Review) Superfight Is An Excellent Addition To The Growing Roster Of Comedic Card Games

Superfight: A Game of Absurd Arguments is an all-ages card game with a lot of stylistic similarities to Cards Against Humanity. It’s got that classic black card / white card thing going for it, with the white cards traditionally outnumbering the black cards. It’s also got that party game element to it where nothing in the rules or on the cards determines the winner, instead, the winner is based on the opinions of the people around the table as to which group is ultimately victorious.

But as opposed to Cards Against Humanity, the rules here are even looser. Which means there’s a lot more opinions going into who wins, which, for me, makes the game a lot more interesting.

The basic premise of Superfight is all in the cards: Each “showdown” starts with players choosing from the cards in their hands, drawing three white cards and three black cards. The white cards have nouns on them, such as “T-Rex” or “Kingergarden Class”, and the black cards have attributes such as “uses the force” or “breathes fire”. Players choose a black and white card and put them face-down in front of each other, then draw one more random black card from the deck at random and put that onto their creations. They flip the cards and argue over who would win in a fight.

So, in the example we’ve been running off of, a sample combination might be…

[Kindergarden Class] [That breathes fire] [With a Jet Pack]


[T-Rex] [That uses The Force] [Inside a Hamster Ball]

The resulting argument with everyone around the table will eventually come down to a vote and determine who wins the round.

I’ve played a lot of card games that fall into this general comedic – voting style, and I believe there are a few things that Superfight does that make it a bit better than the majority of its competition.

First, the jokes aren’t in the cards; The jokes come from what you say after the cards have been played. With a lot of these games, like Cards Against Humanity and Horrible Haikus, there’s no way for the experience to change based on who’s playing it: Since the jokes are limited to the cards themselves, once you’ve grown accustomed to a few of the more interesting options, the game basically isn’t funny anymore. With Superfight, it’s a lot different. It’s the arguments that come after the cards are dropped on the table where the comedy shines through.

The second aspect is the game’s versatility. This game can be fun for children, for adults, for drunk idiot teenagers at a college party, you-name-it. The base of the game is clean, but it’s the players that are free to take the fights in whatever direction they want them to go. Sure, it takes a bit more mental commitment than a lot of other card games in a similar class, but that commitment is rewarded with a lot more funny stories and laughs, if you’re willing to put the time in.

Superfight is on sale now for $29.99 on Amazon, and there’s also a bunch of fun little add-on packs to go along with the base set. But at a whopping 500 cards, we’re pretty sure this base set should keep users occupied for quite a while.

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  1. Matt Cole

    July 22, 2018 at 2:44 am

    Have to try this game. Sounds like so much fun!

  2. Caroline Walker

    July 23, 2018 at 2:41 pm

    Sounds like a fun game! I always wanted to play something as fun as Cards Against Humanity with my family, but this is a much better option.

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