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Samsung Galaxy Note FE Delayed, Expected To Arrive July 30th

The next phone in the Samsung Galaxy Note series the Samsung Galaxy Note FE will, unfortunately, be delayed from its original release date of July 7th to July 30th due to slow production by Samsung. A new report from Southern Korean new, News1 reports that the other reason for the delay may be due to the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S8, the recently released phone has become so popular that may be choosing to withhold the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note FE in order to accumulate more sales for the Galaxy S8.

The device is known as the Samsung Galaxy Note FE at the moment but will probably be more known as simply the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung intends to make their new phone completely different from the original model of the phone despite reports believing that naming the phone the Galaxy Note FE indicates that this phone is designed for customers who are fans of the original model of the Galaxy Note series with the FE standing for “fandom edition,” however, it is also reported that it is only the design of the phone that will be reminiscent of the original phone and Samsung intends to make the new phone completely different from the original.

Very few reports about exactly what new features the phone will be released with, but it has been speculated that the phone will come with 3,200 mAh battery capacity in comparison to the previous Galaxy Note’s 3,500 mAh battery capacity, the phone is also rumored to include a Bixby button which when held will activate the phone’s voice assistant similar to Siri. In terms of pricing there have been no definite reports as to how much the Samsung Galaxy Note FE will be cost but some have speculated that it will cost about 30% less than the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. However, for those of you living in certain regions with the United States being one of those regions. For those who are unable to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note FE do to living in a region where it is not offered, Samsung’s latest and currently most popular phone the Samsung Galaxy S8 is available in most regions including the US and comes with loads of new feature and upgraded components sure to please customers and is available at the price range of $769-$869 depending on the contract and GB of the phone.

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