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Samsung Galaxy S11, release date, specs and price

The Samsung Galaxy S11 won’t come out until February 2020. However, there are already many rumors going on regarding its specs and features.  It has some features of Samsung Galaxy A80, Galaxy Fold, and Samsung Note 10. You can say that, in a way, S11 is inspired by all these phones.

Let’s discuss all the things that we know about the Samsung Galaxy S11 till now.

Release and Price:

Samsung usually produces phones in year cycles in February. So, we expect that the company would launch the Galaxy S11 in February or March 2020.

The Galaxy S10 cost $899 for the lowest storage size and went up to $1,149 when it was released. The S10 cost is more than the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9, which cost $720. Thus, we expect the price to increase, and it might cost around $1,000 for the cheapest version.

Design and Display:

According to rumors, the screen sizes of Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11 Plus will be 6.7 inches and 6.9 inches. Moreover, they will have curved screens. The phones will also have a 120 Hz refresh rate that will provide improved interactions. Although there isn’t any guarantee that this feature would be there, it seems the most likely.

It is expected that the Samsung S11 model will have a 20:9 aspect ratio. This would be greater than the Samsung S10 screen ratio, which is 19:9.

We are also expecting the Samsung Galaxy S11 would move the punch-hole camera to the center of the screen. However, the camera would be smaller than that on the Note 10 range.

There is also a chance that the Galaxy S11 will have two different screens. We think this because Samsung has a patented design with a second, smaller screen on the back. This would also take the selfie camera out of the equation. However, we doubt that this design would be made.

Source: Samsung

Regarding the color scheme, we think that the Galaxy S11 will come in gray, blue, and black shades. However, the Samsung Galaxy S11e might come in gray, pink, and blue.


Samsung just announced new 48MP and 64MP camera sensors. The company will likely at least one of these in Galaxy S11. Samsung has also announced a 108MP sensor, which has been rumored to come in Samsung S11.

According to a leaked source, the camera would have a 5x optical zoom lens. The source also says that S11 will have the codename “Hubble.” It is also the name of a space telescope, which is famous for its zooming feature. The source also says that S11 won’t have a ‘normal zoom lens.’

It might mean that the lens will be flusher than most zoom lenses. A source also claims that Samsung is working on these lenses, and it will introduce it on its new phone.

Samsung has described the zoom as a general zoom mode. However, the name “Hubble” clearly indicates that it’s more suitable to take photos of distant objects.

Specs and features:

We know that the company has developed a 12GB Mobile DRAM, which reads mobile memory at a faster rate. So, it’s likely that it will be present in the Galaxy S11. Moreover, according to Sina, S11 might be the first phone containing a 5nm chipset.

An unlikely feature which the Galaxy S11 might contain is a spectrometer, which could tell the chemical composition of objects.

We can also look at some of the specs of Galaxy Note 10. For example, the Galaxy S11 won’t have a headphone port, because Samsung ended it a while ago. Likewise, it also won’t have a Bixby button.

According to a source, Samsung S11 and S11e will be available either in 4G or 5G versions. However, the Samsung Galaxy S11 will be offered as a 5G phone.

It is also unlikely that there will be a fingerprint sensor. Instead, the Galaxy S11 might have facial recognition unlocking tech. Google Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 also have facial recognition systems. However, the facial recognition system of Google Pixel 4 suffers from a big flaw.


Well, these are the major rumors regarding Samsung Galaxy S11 thus far. Although these are just rumors, Samsung S11 will surely have some of these specs. Let’s wait and see how Samsung amazes us this time.

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.