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Samsung Galaxy S11 will certainly contain this 5G chip

All the leaks we have gathered so far indicate that the Samsung Galaxy S11 is going to have a 5G chip. That means it won’t require users to buy a 5G variant of the handset. We are sure of it because Qualcomm just announced its Snapdragon 865 chipset on December 4 at the Snapdragon Tech Summit, and it will feature a 5G modem. Qualcomm’s rival, Intel has also announced that it will introduce 5G chips.

Galaxy S9 had the Snapdragon 845, and the Galaxy S10 had the Snapdragon 855. So, Galaxy S11 is going to have the Snapdragon 865. The Galaxy S11 is going to be the first smartphone containing a 5G chip. Moreover, the specs of this chip foreshadow the features of the new Samsung phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 is going to fix the problem of all 5G phones in 2019. Previously, you had to purchase a pricey variant of the phone. The 5G version would come afterward. This thing happened with Note 10 Plus 5G and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. You had to buy a 5G mod add-on with the Moto Z4 and Moto Z3.

According to Qualcomm, buying the Snapdragon 865 is a full package deal. It also features a Snapdragon X55 5G modem, even if the two aren’t present in one chipset. In layman terms, a phone containing the 865 will feature a 5G chip. The Samsung Galaxy S11, Galaxy S11 Plus, and the Galaxy 11e are all going to have 5G speeds. And that’s great news.

Qualcomm also introduced the lower-specced Snapdragon 765 recently. However, there is no chance that the Galaxy S11 will contain anything other than the 865 chip.

The Galaxy S11 is going to launch at the end of February, before or at MWC. We think that the launch window won’t change. Evidence suggests that it will remain the same.

Snapdragon 865 is going to hit the markets in the first quarter of 2020. Qualcomm’s spokesperson said, “Devices containing the Snapdragon 865 are going to be available in the first quarter of 2020.” Qualcomm and  Samsung have worked on Samsung S9 and S10.  So, Samsung S11 might be the first phone to test out this new chip.

The Samsung S11 could have an 8K camera quality. This is due to the 865 5G chip, which has an image processor capable of processing two gigapixels per second.

The video quality will be 8K, super-slow-motion video at 960 fps, and 64MP screen grabs. Moreover, the phone could help in capturing amazing photos, too, with 200MP pictures and over a billion color shades. You don’t need this many megapixels in one photo, and you won’t get them in every photo.

However, Qualcomm has made sure that the 200MP makes sense. You can zoom in to a scene without much loss of detail. Of course, as the megapixels increase in a photo, the pixel size gets smaller. However, the choice of using the specs of the Snapdragon 865, belongs to Samsung and other manufacturers.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 is going to continue its tradition and have an evolved mobile gaming. The presence of the Snapdragon 865 5G chip means that you can only expect better things.

Qualcomm claims that the new Samsung model is going to have a ‘desktop quality gaming’. It has Desktop Forward Rendering, which gives post-processing effects and desktop quality effects. Moreover, Game Color Plus will improve tone mapping and saturation.

The impressive thing is that the Snapdragon 865 supports 144Hz refresh rates. Just like the 200MP camera support, all mobile manufacturers using the 865 won’t go to 144 Hz. However, we will see the 90Hz and 120Hz screens.

These are all the speculations and rumors regarding the Samsung Galaxy S11, thus far. The Galaxy S11 is going to launch in two months so that we can make more speculations. However, one thing that we can say for a surety is that Samsung Galaxy S11 will have the Snapdragon 865 chip.

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.