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Samsung Galaxy S20 Lite release date, price, news and leaks

Samsung might release Galaxy S20 Lite

Samsung released the S20 range several months ago, and now there are rumors of the release of Samsung Galaxy S20 Lite.

This is a cheaper and lower-end alternative in comparison to the  Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra. However, it will still be a highly efficient phone.

Thanks to the recent leaks, we now know what the Samsung Galaxy S20 Lite might offer.

Our best guess regarding when the Samsung Galaxy S20 Lite might launch is in October, as the sources speaking to ETNews suggested.

Samsung is holding an online event on August 5 where we are expecting to see the Galaxy Note 20. So, it’s possible that other devices, like S20 Lite, might be released on that day.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

As far as the price is concerned, we have no news regarding it. For reference, the Galaxy S10 Lite cost $650 at its launch. So, the S20 Lite might cost around this range, however, it might cost a bit more.

We aren’t sure about the design of the Samsung S20 Lite yet. However, according to SamMobile, it will be available in white, blue, and light violet shades.

Regarding the screen, there are rumors that it will feature a flat, Full HD Super AMOLED screen with a 60Hz refresh rate. However, several sources said that they aren’t sure about the refresh rate, so it still might have a 120Hz refresh rate. Moreover, a leak from IUniverse suggested that the phone will support the 120Hz refresh rate. The source also suggested that the phone will be IP68 and come with a 3.3mm selfie punch-hole.

We have some ideas regarding the specs of the Samsung Lite S20 specs, thanks to the benchmark listings. A Lite 20 handset passed through Geekbench, which revealed the top-end Snapdragon 865 chipset, Android 10, and 6GB of RAM.

The Snapdragon 865 chipset was also mentioned by IceUnuiverse in the leak that talked about a 120 Hz display and the water resistance rating.

Finally, an earlier report pointed towards 128GB of storage, along with 5G and Android 10. However, the 4G and 5G versions will be available outside the U.S.

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