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Samsung Galaxy S30 could actually be called the Galaxy S21

Galaxy S30 might be named Galaxy S21

Many people are assuming that the next handset in Samsung’s lineup will be named Galaxy S30, however, a well-known source has stated that it will be called Galaxy S21.

This leaker is @Universeice, who has a good track record regarding the smartphone leaks. It was the first leaker that predicted the name of Galaxy S20 correctly.

In a tweet, @Universeice simply stated, ‘Galaxy S20, Project” U”‘. According to the first half of the leak, the new phones will be called Galaxy S20. However, the later part isn’t clear.

We don’t know about the codename that Samsung is using for the new model. For example, the Galaxy S10 was code-named Da Vinci. However, our guess is that the ‘U’ on the tweet is referring to Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Another tweet by the same leaker indicates that the new phone will have a 1080MP main camera, just like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. However, it will be an improved version with bigger pixels to improve light gathering.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The Samsung S21 name doesn’t tell us much about the phone itself. However, there are several fans who are concerned more with the names than the phone specs.

Previously, people speculated that Samsung jumped from S10 to S20 for its 2020 smartphone to match the name of the year. Many people didn’t believe that the company would continue this trend. However, if the leak is right, it will.

Some people might say that the Galaxy S21 name has a bit lesser impact than Galaxy S30. Moreover, Samsung already has a 21 handset, which is the affordable Galaxy A21.

While the leak is reliable, it is only from one source. We will take the claims more seriously when several other leaker refers to the handset as S21, instead of S30. However, we will have to wait till 2021, when we are expecting the New Samsung Galaxy flagships to launch.

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