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Samsung Releases 49-inch QLED Display Monitors Built for Gaming

Samsung has released some big news for gamers. For all of you PC gamers out there, Samsung has announced that they are releasing three new QLED monitors custom built for gamers. The monitors will be available in 27-32 inch CHG70 models and the large screen 49-inch CHG90 model offering a 1.07 billion-color palette, one-millisecond refresh rate and wraparound 1800R curvature.

The creation of this monitor is a breakthrough for future monitors in PC gaming, as the technology has only been used on large screen TVs, the monitor is meant to “showcase games exactly as developers intended, dramatically improving picture quality and gameplay with crisper colors and sharper contrast.” For those of you who play games in HDR and Blu-ray you’ll be able to see better color patterns and experience the brightness of the monitor in comparison to a regular gaming screen.

The monitor offers technology designed “to deter motion blur throughout the entire screen” using 95 percent coverage of the DCI P3 professional color space, a 144 Hz refresh rate, a 4 channel scanning tech, and Radeon FreeSync 2 support to ensure that your games run smoothly, provides amazing graphic display, and provides an easier gaming setup. The technology behind these monitors is actually the same technology behind LED TVs with the use of LCD panels, however, there is one difference that allows the monitors to provide a better display and that is the use of “quantum dot” nanoparticles providing better lighting and color. Though, there will be slight differences in the display depending on which monitor is purchased, the 27 and 32-inch models will run a Quad HD (2560 x 1440) display while the 49-inch will run an incredible widescreen UHD (3840 x 1080) display as well as having an extra mini-Display Port, all monitors will include a headphone jack and built in speakers to suit your game listening preferences.

Samsung has worked with companies such as EA studios, Dice, and Ghost Games to create HDR versions of their games such as Need For Speed, Star Wars Battlefront II, Battlefield, and other titles, meaning that gamers can expect titles with graphics to suit the HDR capabilities of the monitors. The monitors are available for preorder from Amazon and Micro Center at the retail prices of $599 for the 27-inch model, $699 for the 32-inch model, and $1499 for the 49-inch model, shipping will begin in early July. Be sure to preorder for the ultimate experience in PC gaming and graphic display. Happy Gaming!

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