The SENSO Earbuds are a top-of-the-line pair of wireless buds for all your sport needs. They’re wireless, waterproof, sweat-proof, come with a rechargeable cord, run on an eight hour battery life, and include a car mount, carrying case, tie wire, tie cord, and more little dangles and doodles than you’ll ever need. All things considered, they’re probably just there so SENSO can convince you to drop $100 on a pair of in-ear headphones. But just how good are these bad boys? Time to find out.


I found out: They’re pretty good. As expected, I didn’t end up using many of the additional features. The tie had a clip-on that was too hard to correctly adjust, and the smartphone car mount could not hold a smartphone to save its life. But the headphones themselves held up, with a solid range and good punch for a pair of in-ear buds. Just one slight issue: They hurt my ears. So I’ll be returning them tomorrow, but I’d certainly recommend them to anyone with more durable lobes.

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First, you’re not going to need any of that additional gear that comes with the box. The headphones come with a full one-year warranty that covers most kinds of damages, so unless you manage to drop them out of your ears and totally lose them without noticing, you won’t need to worry about keeping them in a carrying case – at least until you’ve already used that warranty.

The other included goodies aren’t much to write home about. For some reason, it comes with one of those smartphone wallets that let you hold your credit card on the back of your smartphone, which I’ve never understood the purpose of and have never used, as well as a sticky mount to attach onto your car’s AC fans that can hold your phone up while you use your phone and drive, which is illegal. Luckily, the mount seems to know this because it gives way every third time you tap your phone, dropping it right down the crack between the driver’s seat and AUX cord. At this point, if you go digging in the seat crack while driving, you’re probably going straight into a tree. Just save yourself the frustration and risk of life and limb: Don’t bother.

Now, on to the creme of the crop: The actual headphones. And there’s not much to say here other than, wow, I have never been so impressed with a pair of headphones in my life. They pack a surprising amount of Bass-y punch for in-ear buds, the bluetooth signal is strong and almost devoid of lag, connecting to new devices is super easy, the battery life is long, the design is clean and easy to grasp, there’s a very intuitive button on the right bud that handles six different functions at once with no issue, and they’ve got a very long battery life to boot.

If I had to complain about one thing, charging times are pretty long. If I had to not complain about one thing, use them underwater. I’d make a different argument for these buds being used only below sea level, because sound quality jumps through the roof the moment you submerge. It’s really a unique experience.

Unfortunately, no matter how much I love them, they still hurt my ears like every other pair of in-ear buds I’ve ever bought. But they don’t hurt my Dad’s ears, or the ears of any of my friends, so despite my stupid ears I can still recognize them as an excellent product.

I, on the other hand, will be sending them back. But I would recommend them to any looking to up their headphones game. Just – do yourself a favor. Wait for a sale. They’re a really good product to be certain, but still not something I can justify spending $100 on.

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  • Caroline Walker

    Great recommendation, I’ve been looking for a quality pair of headphones for running.

  • Maya Asregadoo

    Sounds like they need to work on features other than the sound quality to justify the price point!

  • Ben N

    Great review! I’ve been looking for some new earbuds, and this was very informative. I might try them out myself and see how I feel about them.