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SetSail adds ChatGPT questioning to sales data.

Photo: SetSail

SetSail wanted to use data to pay salespeople depending on where they were in the funnel, not only when they closed the deal. They thought this would let salespeople take greater chances.

This technique needs a lot of data to understand the sales process, which is perfect for generative AI. The business introduced new natural language question-answering capabilities today.

SetSail co-founder and CEO Haggai Levi says his business learned that removing important data from data silos was necessary to develop a fair sales incentive scheme. His organization constructed the data layer and could present it in dashboards with predetermined data, but now they could use it to answer extremely specific inquiries.

“We spent a lot of time in the past three and a half years focusing on that data infrastructure product that connects all of these silos and gives you 360 degree views using dashboards—and then ChatGTP comes, and we realize, hey, this is like another great entry point into our data,” Levi said.

ChatGPT may create code, including well-structured SQL queries, which can replace dashboards with interactive data conversation.

We combined GPT power with our data infrastructure. Why are dashboards needed? “We don’t need dashboards anymore since we can ask and answer questions directly,” he remarked.

He still wants to develop sales incentives, but his data infrastructure provides value even if you don’t. We had to construct a unique dataset that records everything automatically to fulfill our initial concept. “We learned that customers appreciate infrastructure alone,” he stated.

Hence, you may inquire which transactions are close to completing, which salespeople are having problems closing deals, and who’s meeting with an executive decision-maker this week. Email, calendars, CRM, and the marketing automation system are connected to form a picture and answer inquiries better than a dashboard.

The corporation also invested $11 million. Zoom Ventures, which launched Zoom IQ, a conversational platform that complements SetSail’s new capabilities, invested.

The newest investment garnered over $50 million for the 2018 startup.

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