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Several iPhone users can’t access Apple’s Weather app.

Photo: Iphone Weather App

Several iPhone users are currently experiencing issues with the Apple Weather app. In several regions, the problems remained in the morning after at about midnight ET. Additionally, upon accessing the Weather app on their iPhones, users have complained that there is either no data or outdated weather information.

While the primary Weather app is malfunctioning for many users, the Apple Watch version functions normally, according to 9to5Mac. However, Apple sent a support message early this morning stating that the lack of Weather data “affects certain customers.” According to Apple’s support statement, next-hour precipitation may not be available for Alaska owing to a data provider outage, although the issue affects far more than simply Alaska.

Almost a week after Dark Sky made a brief comeback, Apple’s Weather app started having problems. In 2020, Apple bought Dark Sky, shuttered company, and incorporated some of its features into the Weather app. Last week, the Dark Sky app temporarily returned before vanishing again.

Although Dark Sky has been included in Apple’s new Weather app, many people still want the standalone Dark Sky app. Apple now offers rain notifications, but you can’t choose whether you want light, medium, or heavy rain warnings, which is annoying in places like England, where it rains a lot. Because it doesn’t rain much where Apple is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, Apple’s software programmers presumably failed to carry over that crucial feature from Dark Sky.

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