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ShareGamingHub, The Next YouTube For Video Games

ShareGamingHub is a new file sharing community, currently in it’s beta stage that wants to share the world of video game photography in a manner similar to YouTube and Instagram. The community was created Leopold earlier this year and was funded by Google’s GCP for startup program, it received a large $20,000 in starter credits and it’s creator even dropped out of school in order to further focus on his project he even intends to have it rival that on YouTube, Instagram, and Flickr, three of the biggest names in content sharing. Leopold stated what he intends to show those who see video games as being nothing more than pressing buttons, through his art gallery, “I know that some people think that gaming photography is in no way art, that the world and the assets were created by the game devs, that the lighting is always optimally scripted by the devs.

In summary, they think you just push a button and that’s it. But there is way more to it and some individuals truly are incredibly gifted at gaming photography. You will see shots of the same exact setting in-game that differ incredibly in terms of quality and what they express.” Leopold believes that the main reason behind vide game photography not being very popular even amongst gamers is due to it being lesser known amongst the community. He uses Dead End Thrills another video game art file sharing website as proof that there is a way to earn money off of it as well as grow the community. Leopold also states that there is a lack of attention, and togetherness amongst the gaming community when it comes to the subject of gaming photography.

Leopold hopes to encourage the video game industry to participate and help grow video game photography and hopes to imitate the design of Instagram but use the business model of YouTube. He sees future partnerships with game developers and companies as a possibility once his platform is fully established. Leopold intendeds to help those who want a career in vide game photography as well as video games themselves jumpstart their dreams with his platform, the various marketing opportunities presented from video game photography as well as the potential growth for the platform give Leopold and uplifting sense of optimism. The platform is even holding it’s third Screenshot Competition as well as recruiting new workers, more information about signing up for the platform can be found here: and information for the Screenshot Competition can be found here: Happy gaming!

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons

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