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Smart Savings: 37 Tech Gifts Under $100 for Every Enthusiast

37 Tech Gifts

37 Great Tech Gifts Under $100: Dive into a world where innovation meets budgetary bliss as we unveil a curated list of ’37 Great Tech Gifts Under $100’—a  treasure trove of affordable wonders that redefine the boundaries between cutting-edge technology and wallet-friendly indulgence. Buckle up for a journey through gadgets that promise to surprise, delight, and leave your bank account happily intact. The era of high-tech gifts without the hefty price tag has arrived, and we’re your guide to this thrilling realm of possibilities!


Key Takeaways


  • Compact Smart Plugs transform traditional appliances into smart devices for cost-effective home automation.
  • Budget-friendly laptops offer entry-level devices with impressive features, catering to the needs of students and professionals
  • Summarizing the diverse range of tech gifts under $100
  • Encouraging thoughtful and budget-conscious gift choices where innovation meets affordability.



In a world filled with cutting-edge technology, finding the perfect gift that won’t break the bank can be a challenge. Fear not, as we’ve curated a list of “28 Great Tech Gifts Under $100” to make your shopping a breeze. Whether you’re searching for nifty gadgets to elevate your smart home setup, seeking affordable audio accessories, or looking for budget-friendly gifts for the tech-savvy student, we’ve got you covered. Join us on a journey through innovation without straining your wallet. From sleek wearables to gaming essentials and photography upgrades, these affordable tech treasures prove that you don’t need a hefty budget to surprise your loved ones (or yourself) with a touch of tech magic. Let’s explore the realm where functionality meets affordability, opening doors to a world of thoughtful and budget-conscious gift options.



Smart Home Gadgets



  1. Affordable Smart Bulbs


In the realm of smart home innovations, Affordable Smart Bulbs stand out as beacons of energy-efficient brilliance. Gone are the days of excessive power consumption and outdated lighting. These bulbs not only brighten up your space but do so with a green twist. Emitting light at a fraction of the energy cost, they align with the environmentally conscious wave sweeping through modern living. Moreover, their compatibility with popular smart home ecosystems seamlessly integrates them into your existing setup, allowing you to control the ambiance with a simple voice command or tap on your smartphone. Say farewell to the traditional and usher in an era where your lighting is smart and budget-friendly.


  1. Compact Smart Plugs


Enter the era of transforming ordinary appliances into smart devices with Compact Smart Plugs. These unassuming gadgets can catapult your home into the future of automation without breaking the bank. Imagine controlling your coffee maker, lamp, or even an entire entertainment system with a tap on your phone. These plugs make it possible, offering a cost-effective gateway to home automation. The beauty lies in their simplicity; plug them in, connect to your smart home network, and witness the metamorphosis of your everyday devices into intelligent, responsive components of your connected home. Welcome to a world where convenience meets affordability.


Audio Accessories


Audio Accessories


  1. Wireless Earbuds


Cutting the cords doesn’t have to cut deep into your pockets. Wireless Earbuds emerge as the epitome of budget-friendly audio bliss, offering an escape from the entanglement of traditional wired counterparts. These earbuds redefine the auditory experience without compromising quality. Immerse yourself in a world of sound, enhanced by features like noise cancellation and extended battery life. Whether you are a music lover or always on the go, these earbuds cater to your audio needs while keeping your budget intact. It’s time to embrace wireless freedom without the hefty price tag.


  1. Portable Bluetooth Speakers


Take your music wherever you go with Portable Bluetooth Speakers that redefine the notion of high-quality sound on a budget. Compact yet powerful, these speakers deliver an immersive audio experience without breaking the bank. Their durable and sleek designs make them perfect companions for on-the-go adventures, turning any space into an impromptu party venue. With technological advancements, you no longer need to compromise on audio excellence when shopping on a budget. These speakers prove that big sound can come in small, affordable packages.


Stay tuned for the next section on Wearable Tech, where we explore the world of affordable fitness trackers and stylish yet budget-friendly smartwatches.


Wearable Tech


fitness tracker and smart watches


  1. Fitness Trackers


Embark on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle with Affordable Fitness Trackers that redefine the way we monitor our well-being. These devices, designed with budget-conscious consumers in mind, offer a plethora of health-tracking features without sacrificing style. From step counts to heart rate monitoring, they provide comprehensive insights into your daily activities. With sleek designs that seamlessly integrate into your daily attire, these trackers prove that taking charge of your health doesn’t have to come at a hefty price. Stay motivated and informed as you prioritize your well-being with these affordable fitness companions.


  1. Budget-Friendly Smartwatches


Elevate your wrist game without emptying your wallet with Budget-Friendly Smartwatches. These stylish timepieces not only grace your arm with elegance but also pack essential smart features. Receive notifications, track your fitness goals, and connect with smartphone compatibility. These smartwatches’ marriage of style and functionality makes them a perfect accessory for the modern individual on a budget. As the world becomes more interconnected, these watches ensure you’re not only keeping up with the times but doing so in style without a hefty price tag.


Gadgets for Gamers


Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Combos


  1. Budget Gaming Accessories


Dive into gaming without breaking the bank, courtesy of Budget Gaming Accessories. From controllers to headsets and peripherals, these affordable gadgets elevate your gaming experience without compromising performance. Immerse yourself in virtual worlds without the financial burden, as these accessories prove that quality gaming gear can be accessible to all. Step into the gaming arena fully equipped, ready to conquer virtual challenges without a hefty price tag attached.


  1. Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Combos


Gaming Mouse and Keyboard Combos are the answer for gamers seeking precision and style on a budget. These combos not only enhance your gameplay with responsive controls but also add a touch of aesthetic flair to your gaming setup. Compatible with various gaming platforms, they provide versatility without the usual high costs associated with gaming peripherals. Say goodbye to compromise and hello to a gaming experience that combines precision, style, and affordability.


Stay tuned for the following sections, where we explore photography upgrades with Smartphone Camera Lenses and Portable Phone Chargers, perfect for those on-the-go moments.


Photography and Mobile Accessories


  1. Smartphone Camera Lenses


Step into mobile photography and elevate your shots with Smartphone Camera Lenses that promise professional-grade results without a hefty price tag. These lenses are a game-changer, enhancing the capabilities of your smartphone camera and allowing you to explore new dimensions of creativity. Versatility is their forte – whether you’re into wide-angle landscapes or macro close-ups, these lenses cater to every photographic need. The best part? They’re compatible with various devices, ensuring you can unleash your inner photographer without worrying about device restrictions. Say goodbye to mundane mobile photography and embrace a world where every shot is a masterpiece in the making.


  1. Portable Phone Chargers


For those who are always on the move, Portable Phone Chargers emerge as essential companions, providing affordable power solutions for on-the-go charging. Compact and reliable, these chargers ensure your devices stay powered up whenever and wherever you need them. Whether traveling, attending classes, or simply navigating a busy day, these chargers guarantee that your smartphone remains a reliable companion. Bid farewell to the anxiety of a draining battery and welcome the convenience of affordable, on-the-go charging.


Tech Gifts for Students


  1. Budget-Friendly Laptops


Empower students and professionals alike with Budget-Friendly Laptops that seamlessly blend impressive features with an affordable price point. These entry-level laptops are designed to meet the demands of modern-day tasks, from academic research to professional projects. Don’t let budget constraints limit your productivity; these laptops ensure you have the tools to excel in your endeavors. Unleash your potential without compromising performance, as these devices cater to the needs of those on the journey of knowledge and professional growth.


  1. Noise-Canceling Headphones


Create a focused study environment with Noise-Canceling Headphones that offer affordable options without sacrificing audio quality. Designed to block out distractions, these headphones provide a sanctuary for concentration, allowing students to dive into their studies without disruptions. Comfortable for extended use, they become an essential tool for those late-night study sessions or busy communal spaces. Elevate your auditory experience without stretching your budget, ensuring every study session is marked by serenity and focus.



Check out some favorite quality tech gifts to buy without going overboard (under $100).


Amazon Smart Thermostat

1.  Name of Product: Amazon Smart Thermostat

Price/Site: $60 at Best Buy

Description/Specs of Product: Amazon’s Smart Thermostat sets a new standard for the category. It has a clean, modern touchscreen design, and it’s easy to use, whether you’re adjusting the temperature at the thermostat, through the Alexa app, or with Alexa voice commands with a compatible Alexa-enabled speaker or display. It is an affordable gift that earned a CNET Editors’ Choice Award for best value smart thermostat.


BioLite, HeadLamp 800 Pro

2.  Name of Product: BioLite HeadLamp 800

Price/Site: $100 at BioLite

Description/Specs of Product: BioLite makes several different headlamps, with the BioLite HeadLamp 800 being its brightest model at 800 lumens. It has backlights (the front light swivels) that offer eight different lighting modes. It’s suitable for various settings, whether working in a dark environment, walking your dog, or riding a bike at night. The battery is rechargeable via a Micro-USB connection (I said it was USB-C).

Note that the step-down HeadLamp 425 costs $60, while the HeadLamp 325 is $40.


Amazon Kindle – The lightest and most compact Kindle, with extended battery life, adjustable front light, and 16 GB storage – Black

3.  Name of Product: Amazon Kindle (2022)

Price/Site: $100 at Amazon

Description/Specs of Product: Amazon released a baseline Kindle E Ink e-reader for $100 that no longer seems so entry-level. While its 6-inch screen makes it a smaller and lighter e-reader than the step-up Kindle Paperwhite ($130), its display has the exact 300 ppi resolution as the Paperwhite. However, that step-up model adds waterproofing and incorporates a more sophisticated front lighting scheme, with 17 LEDs compared with the Kindle 2022’s four.


Anker 622 MagGo magnetic battery

4.  Name of Product: Anker 622 MagGo magnetic battery

Price/Site: $50 at Amazon

Description/Specs of Product: What’s cool about Anker’s 622 magnetic battery is that it’s a wireless battery with an integrated magnetic flap that converts into a stand. You won’t get fast wireless charging from this 5,000 mAh battery (up to 7.5 watts), but it’s slim and easy to carry. 

It charges via USB-C, and if you use a USB-C to Lightning to charge your iPhone, it will charge at a faster rate of 12 watts. That’s not as fast as a 20-watt USB-C power adapter can deliver, but it’s faster than 7.5 watts.

Note that Anker has updated this model to move the charging port to the side (from the bottom), so you can use it as a worthy upgrade worth the $5 premium versus the old version (which confusingly retains the same 622 model number). 


Hydro Flask French Press

5.  Name of Product: Hydro Flask French Press

Price/Site: $71 at Amazon

Description/Specs of Product: Yes, you can buy cheaper French press coffee makers. Still, the Hydro Flask is insulated, so it keeps your coffee hot longer, and it’s made of stainless steel, so it’s more durable than a glass French press.

For people who’ve never used a French press, dump the coffee grounds into the container, pour in hot water, and then put the lid on with the plunger pulled up (a mesh filter is attached to the plunger). Let things brew for several minutes, and then push down the plunger. As you squeeze out that extra flavor, the grounds get compressed at the bottom. You then pour as much coffee as you want into a cup or mug. What remains in the French press will stay hot for up to a couple of hours (and maybe even a bit longer), so you can refill or share it with someone else.    


Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 NC

6.  Name of Product: Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 NC

Price/Site: $100 at Amazon

Description/Specs of Product: New for 2023, the Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 NC earbuds have a lower list price than last year’s Liberty 4 Buds and are arguably better. They have improved noise cancellation and better sound quality, along with support for the LDAC audio codec for devices that support it. (Many Android smartphones do, and it offers slightly improved sound quality when paired with a music streaming service that offers high-res tracks.) They’re lightweight buds that should fit most ears comfortably, with four sizes of ear tips to choose from.


Roku Streaming Stick 4K

7.  Name of Product: Roku Streaming Stick 4K

Price/Site: See at Roku

Description/Specs of Product: The Roku Streaming Stick 4K is more powerful than ever. The long-range Wi-Fi receiver is super-charged with up to twice the speed — precisely what you need for seamless streaming in spectacular 4K, Dolby Vision, and HDR10+ pictures. Start streaming in a snap and enjoy easy access to a massive selection of free, live, and premium TV. 


Twelve South HoverBar Duo

8.  Name of Product: Twelve South HoverBar Duo

Price/Site: $50 at B&H Photo-Video, $50 at Amazon, $50 at Best Buy

Description/Specs of Product: Twelve South’s HoverBar Duo is a flexible stand for iPads and other tablets with a weighted base and an articulating arm to adjust the angle and height of your device. You can also remove the HoverBar from its base and clip it to a bar or shelf using the shelf clip. The second-gen model has a quick-release design, but the first-gen model is about $20 cheaper at $60.

If you’re looking for a way to use your iPad in the kitchen, as a second monitor, or as a video conferencing display, the HoverBar Duo is an excellent accessory and makes a great gift for all those iPad owners.


Solo Stove Mesa XL

9.  Name of Product: Solo Stove Mesa XL

Price/Site: $100 at Best Buy, $70 at Solo Stove

Description/Specs of Product: Solo Stove makes some of the best smokeless fire pits, including the Ranger 2.0 (small), Bonfire 2.0 (medium), and Yukon 2.0 (large) fire pits. But if you’re looking for something smaller, it makes two mini fire pits: the Mesa and Mesa XL. Both come in several colors, including traditional stainless steel. 

As its name implies, the Mesa XL is designed to sit on a tabletop and is quite portable. Naturally, you could also set it on the ground, but when you put it on a table, it’s at a good height for roasting marshmallows. It has the same 360-degree Signature Airflow system as Solo Stove’s larger fire pits.


Wush Pro by Black Wolf

10.  Name of Product: Wush Pro by Black Wolf

Price/Site: $70 at Walmart, $65 at Amazon

Description/Specs of Product: Designed to be used in the shower, the Wush Pro does indeed work to remove ear wax buildup. For people with sensitive ears, it can be a little disconcerting to use at first, but read the instructions carefully and start at a lower setting before ramping things up (there are three pressure settings, and the Wush is equipped with a rechargeable battery). The pump inside does make some noise (it’s a little irritating), but it’s tolerable and beats a visit to the doctor.


RiotPWR RP1950

11.  Name of Product: RiotPWR RP1950

Price/Site: $70 at Apple

Description/Specs of Product: Like RiotPWR’s earlier iOS controller, which is white, the black RP1950 is a more traditionally shaped Xbox-like controller that includes a mount for your phone. While no built-in battery keeps your phone charged while playing, like the Backbone and Razer Kishi V2, this model has a pass-through charging option to hook up a separate Lightning cable to a battery pack or wall charger.

The controller is nicely designed and doesn’t feel cheap (the dock can accommodate a variety of iPhones, including larger iPhone Max models). Remove the dock, and you can use this with any iPad that has a Lightning or USB-C port. To swap cables, you have to stick a paper clip in a hole in the bottom of the controller, which releases the cable module. It’s a little tricky the first time you do it, but once you figure out how it’s done, it’s pretty straightforward.

It’s also worth noting that even though this is called an “iOS controller,” it will work with Android smartphones and tablets with USB-C ports.


Sony CH-520

12.  Name of Product: Sony CH-520

Price/Site: $38 at B&H Photo

Description/Specs of Product: They lack noise canceling and are pretty no-frills, but they feature good sound for their price. They’re also lightweight and pretty comfortable for on-ear headphones and have excellent battery life (rated for up to 50 hours at moderate volume levels). Additionally, they have multipoint Bluetooth pairing, so you can pair them with two devices simultaneously (such as a smartphone and computer) and switch audio. Voice-calling performance is decent, though not up to the level of what you get with the CH-720N. 

Note that there’s no wired option — this is a wireless Bluetooth-only headphone. The CH-520 offers an overall balanced sound with decent clarity. The bass has some punch but doesn’t pack a wallop, and you aren’t going to get quite as wide a soundstage as you get from Sony’s more expensive over-ear headphones. But these sound better than Sony’s previous entry-level on-ear headphones, and they sound better than I thought they would. I tried the white color, but they also come in blue and black. 


Soundcore Motion 300

13.  Name of Product: Soundcore Motion 300

Price/Site: $70 at Amazon

Description/Specs of Product: The excellent Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speaker sells for around $150 and sometimes goes on sale for less. The Soundcore Motion 300 is Anker’s answer to that speaker. Around the same size as the Bose, it doesn’t sound quite as good, but it’s impressive for its compact size and much cheaper at $80 list. 

Like the SoundLink Flex, it can be laid flat with its speaker firing up toward the ceiling or propped up, as shown in the photo. It’s IPX7 waterproof and delivers up to 13 hours of audio at moderate volume levels. There’s also support for Sony’s LDAC audio codec for Android and other devices that support Bluetooth wireless streaming with LDAC. 

The speaker has a bass boost button that does amp up the low end a bit. But I thought the speaker sounded a little better without the bass boost because it seemed slightly overdriven with the boost. 


Sony CH-720N

14.  Name of Product: Sony CH-720N

Price/Site: $100 at Target, $98 at B&H Photo-Video, $100 at Best Buy

Description/Specs of Product: Sony’s CH-720N noise-canceling headphones list for $150 but have been selling for less than $100 this holiday season. They have a bit of a plasticky budget vibe, but they’re lightweight and very comfortable. Part of me was expecting them to sound pretty mediocre, but I was pleasantly surprised. No, they don’t sound as good as Sony’s flagship WH-1000XM5s. But they sound more premium than they look and feel, and their overall performance is a step up from their predecessor, the CH-710Ns. 


Backbone One

15.  Name of Product: Backbone One

Price/Site: $100 at Amazon

Description/Specs of Product: We liked this Lightning-connected controller from startup Backbone when it came out in its original black version. You can still get that model, but it now comes in a white PlayStation version for use with the PS Remote Play app.

Like the Razer Kishi, it turns any iPhone 6S or later into a Nintendo Switch-style gaming experience, with added smarts for social and chatty gamers. Like the Kishi, it connects via Lightning with pass-through charging but has no built-in battery. While the Kishi V2 is now more Backbone-like in its design (with better ergonomics), the Backbone controller still holds an advantage in the software department with a superior companion app.


Anker 735 3-Port GaNPrime 65W USB-C charger

16.  Name of Product: Anker 735 3-Port GaNPrime 65W USB-C charger

Price/Site: $38 at Walmart, $32 at Amazon, $60 at Dell

Description/Specs of Product: Anker’s upgraded compact charger can charge a MacBook Pro 13 at full speed. Not only is it small for how much power it can deliver (it has foldable prongs), but it also has three ports (2 USB-C and one USB-A) that allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Be aware that power is split between the ports if you charge more than one device, though. It uses the next-generation GaN 3 technology. 


Ninja Blast

17.  Name of Product: Ninja Blast

Price/Site: $60 at Target, $60 at Best Buy, $60 at Amazon

Description/Specs of Product: There are more affordable portable blenders, like the Blendjet 2 and the Hamilton Beach Single-Serve, but the Ninja Blast, which lists for $60, is a step up from those models. It looks and feels more premium, and though it isn’t powerful, it’s a good option for making smoothies and protein shakes on the go or at home when you don’t want to deal with a full-size blender. Additionally, you can drink right from the blender, as it has a leak-proof sip lid. Available in multiple colors and easy to operate, it has an 18-ounce capacity and recharges via USB-C. 


Sutera Stone Bath Mat

18.  Name of Product: Sutera Stone Bath Mat

Price/Site: $60 at Amazon, $60 at Walmart

Description/Specs of Product: Diatomaceous earth shower mats may cost more than your standard cloth bath mat, but they hold up better over time, feel good underfoot, and dry surprisingly quickly. Bonus: You don’t have to stick them in the wash to clean them. 

Sutera’s Stone Bath has a few designs, including slate, granite, and gray with wavy grooves (pictured). They include a non-slip safety mat that you put underneath the stone mat. 


Tribit StromBox Flow

19.  Name of Product: Tribit StromBox Flow

Price/Site: $64 at Amazon

Description/Specs of Product: Tribit’s StormBox Flow is another Bose SoundLink Flex knockoff for less that boasts some similarities with the Soundcore Motion 300, including the same list price. The Tribit may sound slightly better than the Motion 300, edging it out for bass performance. But the Anker speaker wins on design.

Like the SoundLink Flex, the Tribit StormBox Flow can be laid flat with its speaker firing up. You can also wirelessly pair two of the speakers for stereo sound.

It has an IP67 water-resistance rating, which means it’s dust-resistant and fully waterproof. Tribit says it delivers up to 30 hours of audio at moderate volume levels. That’s impressive.


Govee smart light bars

20.  Name of Product: Govee smart light bars

Price/Site: $60 at Amazon

Description/Specs of Product: These smart lights from Govee are an upgrade to the lights further down the list. They add an ambient light behind your TV or gaming rig and can move to the music. And with the Govee app, you can select the color and brightness you want. 

Govee has built a strong reputation for delivering excellent quality products on a budget, and these lights show why. They feel a lot more expensive than they are. Be sure to apply the coupon for $15 off at checkout.


21.  Name of Product: Roku Ultra

Price/Site: $90 at Amazon, $100 at Roku, $90 at Walmart

Description/Specs of Product: The Roku Ultra has always been a fine 4K HDR streamer. As the flagship in Roku’s extensive line of sticks and players, its bag of nifty tricks includes a remote finder and a remote with programmable remote buttons. This version adds better Wi-Fi, a faster processor, and the ability to stream in Dolby Vision — a long-awaited feature that allows it to better compete with the best streamers from Amazon, Apple, and Google. 

Yes, the Roku Express 4K Plus, which costs around $40, is a better value, but the upgraded Ultra is often on sale these days for $70 (it lists for $100), and it has an Ethernet port for those who want to go with a wired connection.


22.  Name of Product: NutriBullet Blender 1200

Price/Site: $82 at Amazon

Description/Specs of Product: NutriBullet keeps it simple with three power levels, a pulse setting, and 1,200 watts of power. It performed well in all of our tests. Smooth batters, finely crushed ice, green smoothies, hot soup, and good-grated cheese (our torture test) were all easy to achieve. A reasonable price tag means you won’t have to break the bank to get a good blender.

The 64-ounce blending jar is plenty big enough for most recipes. The personal blender has a handy recipe book and a tamper to ensure all your ingredients contact the blades. The NutriBullet blender jar is also dishwasher safe and has a one-year warranty. 

Simple, powerful, and consistent, the NutriBullet is one of the best moderately priced blenders on the market right now.


23.  Name of Product: Google Nest Hub (2nd gen)

Price/Site: $75 at eBay, $60 at Crutchfield, $60 at B&H Photo-Video

Description/Specs of Product: There are plenty of great Alexa-powered Echo products, but in this price range, we’re fans of the new Google Nest Hub (2nd gen). The upgraded smart display delivers more bass and a new sleep-sensing feature. It also gives you instant access to a world of answers whenever you say, “Hey, Google,” and allows you to cast content directly to the screen from any Android device.


24.  Name of Product: Logitech MX Anywhere 3S

Price/Site: $73 at Amazon

Description/Specs of Product: As is typical for a Logitech “S” product update, the compact MX Anywhere 3S wireless “mobile” mouse doesn’t look any different from its predecessor. However, it offers some performance upgrades, notably quieter operation and an upgraded 8,000 DPI optical sensor that Logitech says tracks on most surfaces, including glass, and offers faster workflow with high-resolution monitors. While those with larger hands may prefer something a little bigger, the MX Anywhere 3S is an excellent mouse for home and travel use.  It comes in three colors. 


25.  Name of Product: Soundcore by Anker Motion Boom

Price/Site: $100 at Walmart, $70 at Amazon

Description/Specs of Product: Anker’s more expensive Soundcore Motion Boom Plus is a substantial sound upgrade over the original Motion Boom. However, this model remains a perfect mini boom box for the money. Weighing a little over 4 pounds, the speaker reminds me of one of those giant flashlights or “floating lanterns” in vogue about 30 years ago. For the record, the Motion Boom does float and is fully waterproof with an IPX7 rating. 

Anker says the Motion Boom delivers “huge stereo sound,” yes, it plays pretty loud and has a decent amount of bass with reasonable clarity. I kept the bass boost on at all times because it sounds better that way. The Motion Boom can’t compete against bigger and more expensive speakers like JBL’s Boombox 3 and Ultimate Ears’ Hyperboom, but it packs much more volume and punch than more compact Bluetooth speakers like JBL’s Flip 6. It also travels well, so it’s ideal for a beach excursion or a little tailgating.


26.  Name of Product: Logitech MX Keys Mini

Price/Site: $84 at B&H Photo-Video, $84 at Amazon, $89 at Walmart

Description/Specs of Product: Logitech’s MX Keys is one of our favorite everyday Bluetooth keyboards, and now it comes in two smaller versions that leave off the number pad and some other keys: MX Keys Mini and MX Keys Mini for Mac. Both cost around the same price as the standard MX Keys. Colors include rose, pale gray, and graphite. 

While you’re getting less keyboard for a similar amount of money, the MX Keys Mini does have three new keys, giving you shortcuts to dictation (available in select countries for Windows and MacOS users), emojis, and the all-important muting and unmuting of your microphone for video-conference calls. Also, Logitech says that its “minimalist form factor aligns your shoulders and allows you to place your mouse closer to your keyboard for less hand reaching, resulting in better posture and improved ergonomics.” From my tests, I agree.

The keyboard is similar in size to Logitech’s popular and less expensive K380 keyboard ($30). But MX Keys Mini, equipped with Perfect Stroke, Logitech’s “best nonmechanical typing technology,” has a more premium look and feel. And, like the standard MX Keys, it has backlit keys that light up as your hands approach and automatically adjust to the lighting conditions, dimming or even turning off to conserve energy.


27.  Name of Product: Apple AirTags

Price/Site: $87 at Amazon

Description/Specs of Product: If you know someone who travels frequently or misplaces things, this is the perfect gift to throw in their stocking. These little item trackers can be slipped into purses, luggage, and wallets or attached to keys and many other things. And with four of them in this pack, you can put one in every stocking on your mantle.


28.  Name of Product: Groove Life belt with magnetic buckle

Price/Site: $45 at Amazon

Description/Specs of Product: A good belt is an investment. I know that seems overblown, but it’s true. I have some perfect belts that I’ve owned for 20 years, and they’re still going strong. The Groove Life belt feels like that. The buckle I tested is a great walnut veneer, and the magnetic clasp holds everything together tightly. The belt material is tough but has a little give. The stretch isn’t so much that your pants fall if you have heavy stuff in your pockets, but it has enough room to breathe when that meal is a little bigger than you thought.


29.  Name of Product: BioLite Alpenglow 500

Price/Site: $80 at Amazon

Description/Specs of Product: BioLite has several portable lighting options, and the Alpenglow 500 is one of its recent additions. It’s a portable lantern that has multiple modes and color options. As its name implies, it delivers 500 lumens, and it is indeed pretty bright.

The step-down Alpenglow 250 offers 250 lumens for $15 less. Both are rated for five hours of battery life on the high setting and up to 200 hours on the low setting.


30.  Name of Product: Yoose Mini Electric Shaver

Price/Site: $70 at Amazon

Description/Specs of Product: The Yoose Mini Electric Shaver isn’t the most powerful electric shaver, and I can’t say I got the cleanest, closest shave using it. But it’s tiny — about the size of some wireless earbud cases — and it does work well enough and feels more premium than I thought. That makes it a good on-the-go electric shaver. 

Available in multiple colors, it’s IPX7 waterproof so that it can be used both wet and dry. Though it retails for $90, discounts often drop its price closer to $60.


31.  Name of Product: Clorox tabletop air purifier

Price/Site: $1 at Amazon

Description/Specs of Product: I know air purifiers might not be the most glamorous present, but they’re one of those gadgets you don’t know you need until you have one. This little tabletop version is small enough not to be intrusive but large enough to filter a good-sized room twice an hour. It can remove animal dander and significantly reduce mold spores, viruses, and bacteria in the air. 

If you know someone who works from home in a stuffy office all day, this little device can make them feel a lot better.


32.  Name of Product: Jabra Elite 3

Price/Site: $1 at Amazon, $1 at Walmart

Description/Specs of Product: The Jabra Elite 3 headphones are Jabra’s most affordable true-wireless earbuds to date. They have a fairly basic feature set, though they offer strong sound and call quality for the money. They have 6mm drivers, four call microphones, and Jabra’s HearThrough transparency mode. Qualcomm aptX HD audio is supported for aptX-enabled devices.

Battery life is rated at up to seven hours on a single charge at moderate volume levels, with the case storing an extra three full charges (28 hours total). They have an IP55 water-resistance rating, which means they can take a sustained spray of water and are also dust-resistant. As with many other new buds, you can use either bud independently in a mono mode. While they don’t have such extras as active noise canceling, the Elite 3 earbuds offer solid performance and a comfortable fit for a reasonable price.


33.  Name of Product: Panasonic ER-GK80 Body Groomer

Price/Site: $80 at Amazon

Description/Specs of Product: Whoever you’re getting this for maybe embarrassed but will most likely appreciate it. Panasonic says this groomer has a unique V-shaped head that’s “built to go everywhere” — and with precision. It comes with two attachments, has almost two hours of battery life, and can be used wet or dry. A travel case is included. It’s an excellent manscaping device.


34.  Name of Product: Victrola Vintage Bluetooth portable suitcase record player

Price/Site: $1 at Amazon

Description/Specs of Product: Vinyl records never go out of fashion as they give an audio experience that’s hard to match in today’s digital age. Victrola makes a line of budget-friendly vinyl players that keep that retro feel while adding modern smarts like Bluetooth connectivity. While the onboard sound is only average, the outputs let you connect it to a proper set of speakers that offer a rich and enjoyable sound.


35.  Name of Product: Silonn ice maker

Price/Site: $68 at Amazon

Description/Specs of Product: We agree that ice-cold drinks are delicious. This little ice maker is straightforward to operate, and because it doesn’t tap directly into your water line, you can put it anywhere. All you have to do is fill it with bottled or filtered water, and it will make delicious clear ice in two different sizes, no less, whenever you need it.


36.  Name of Product: Timbuk2 Classic messenger bag

Price/Site: $89 at Amazon

Description/Specs of Product: Most of us travel with laptops nowadays, so having a good bag is essential. The Timbuk2 messenger bag is an excellent size for any laptop and has adjustable straps that expand the bag to fit more in. It has little mesh pockets inside for keeping your bottles upright and a hard divider to keep your laptop more secure.

It looks fancy and uses recycled materials in its production. So you look good and help reduce waste. Awesome.


37.  Name of Product: Smart Speaker

Amazon Echo (4th Gen)

Price/Site: $100 AT TARGET, $100 AT AMAZON

Description/Specs of Product: This cute sound ball is one of our favorite smart speakers because it offers detailed, room-filling sound and has Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant inside to answer your every query. The Amazon Echo (8/10, WIRED Recommends) has onboard mics for voice commands, adaptive EQ, and built-in Zigbee for smart homes. It’s a useful, hands-free kitchen companion and a great value.





As we conclude this exploration of “28 Great Tech Gifts Under $100,” we find ourselves immersed in a diverse range of gadgets that prove innovation doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. From smart home solutions and audio accessories to wearable tech and gaming gadgets, this list encompasses the best of budget-friendly technology. Let’s celebrate the joy of thoughtful and budget-conscious gift-giving, where every present becomes a doorway to a world filled with possibilities. Choose wisely, gift intentionally, and let technology enhance the lives of your loved ones without burning a hole in your pocket.


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