Snapchat is arguably the most popular social media platform currently available with its original function of being able to post videos, and pictures in a sequence making them into a “story” for all of the user’s followers to view and comment on. This function has made the app so popular that other large social media platforms such as Instagram, and Facebook have added the story feature to their platforms.

Snapchat, however, continues to be updated with new features for all users, in their most recent update Snap Inc. has added a feature that allows users to add links to their snaps, backdrops to their photos and new filters that allow users to modify their voices. The new feature known as Paperclip allows users to add hyperlinks to their stories and snaps they message them to their friends, the feature to add links to stories was actually first introduced after Instagram added stories to their social media platform as a way to outdoing Snapchat.

Similar to how this feature works on Instagram, friends of the user can view the link posted by swiping up on the message sent. The second new feature mentioned is the feature to alter the users voice with filters, this feature was previously available through the use of Snapchat’s animated filters which would change periodically, but now with the new update users can hit a small speaker icon at the bottom of the screen and it will show all the filters available to add a unique different sounding twist to your snaps.

The third feature introduced is the feature that enables users to add Backdrops to their photos, with this feature users can select unique backdrops to add to their photos rather than simply overlaying them with geofilters. Users can access also draw over parts of the video that they wish to display in the background and like Snapchats geofilters, backdrops will rotate daily to display new ones. The fourth new feature introduced by Snapchat is on-demand geofilters, this allows for users to create their own geofilters for any occasion whether it be a birthday, family outing, baby shower, or wedding users can create their own personalized geofilter for the event. However, unlike the previous updates, to create the geofilters users will need to pay a fee of $5.99. The fifth and final feature that was introduced to Snapchat is a feature known as Snap Map, which allows users to pinpoint their friend’s location, and check in on various places of their choosing, for those of you who prefer to keep your location a secret, no need to worry, the feature can be switched off in Snapchat’s settings. Snapchat intends to set itself apart from it’s competitor’s with these new features and intends to add even more new functions to appeal to their users.

Featured Image via Pixaby/raphaelsilva

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