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Sony’s official PS5 website suggests that the PS5 debut is close

PS5 website is officially launched

It’s no secret that PS5 is going to be released in 2020. Sony hasn’t released the controller for PS5. However, the images of the controller are present on the PS5 website.  

The official PS5 website has gone live, which suggests that the PS5 release event has come close. There are multiple reports, which indicate that the Japanese manufacturing giant is going to have an event at the end of February 2020, where PS5 will be launched officially.  

The website doesn’t provide any official information regarding PS5. However, it indicates that PS5 is going to release later this month. Moreover, several PS5 leaks also suggest that PS5 will be announced soon. The message on the company’s website states, “We have the most amazing features which you can expect from the PlayStation 5, however, we aren’t yet ready to release the next generation of Play Station. We will announce a release date soon.” 

People playing PS4 game

Sony is asking users to sign up on the PS5 website to get the latest information about PS5. The company will release all the essential details on PS5 on its website, like PS5 prices, PS5 launch games, and PS5 official release date. Sony has confirmed that PS5 will be available in the market in the 2020 holiday season.  

Sony is slowly building the hype around the PS5. Moreover, at the recent CES 2020, Sony revealed the PS5 logo, which seems a bit similar to the previous generation consoles.

PS5 is going to be way more powerful than the PS4. The console has many amazing features, like Custom SOC with second-gen Navi CPU, Ray-tracing enabled, high-speed SSD, 8K output for gaming, a brand-new controller, and compatibility with all the PS4 games.  

However, it isn’t going to easy to win the console wars. Microsoft is also ready to launch the Xbox Series X, at the end of this year. It’s going to be the top competitor of PS5. Moreover, Nintendo Switch is also dominating the market, with its fantastic line-up of games.  

The price of Sony’s PS5 is going to be around $399. 

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