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Soundcloud Now Available on Xbox One

Soundcloud is the world’s largest music sharing platform. It allows its users to upload, share, record, and promote their various recordings with others. Soundcloud isn’t primarily centered around music, though it is a top choice for music lovers around the world due to its use by many celebrity artists including Drake, Chris Brown, Ed Sheeran, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé and many more.

The site also carries many unnamed and upcoming artists seeking to be discovered. Alongside the various music artists, the platform also features podcast recordings, audio book readings, and various other recordings made for entertainment purposes or other reasons.

The platform originally was an online service available on desktops and Macs back when it was first created in 2007, but since then the creators has developed a mobile app, offline services, and a paid subscription service in order to advance the amount of limited upload time users have available to them. At the cost of $7 a month for Soundcloud Pro, the paid subscription service ($15 for the Pro Unlimited) and $9 a month ($12 if buying from the iOS app) for Soundcloud Go the offline ad-free service users can enjoy the hidden benefits Soundcloud has to offer. However, for those of you who do not always have your laptops on you or maybe do not have enough free space on you phones to download the Soundcloud app or even if you just need a way to play your music loudly without a speaker, I am happy to announce that for those of you who own an Xbox One Soundcloud is now available for the multi media gaming station!

Xbox One users are now able to download the widely used and beloved audio sharing app free of charge from the Xbox Store (sorry Playstation users). Aside from the familiar Soundcloud features, the new Soundcloud app on Xbox One provides gamers with an amazing user background interface that allows music to be played during gaming sessions, users are even able to use the voice activated Cortana feature on the Xbox One to skip and play tracks. Imagine playing an amazing game of Halo, Gears of War, or TitanFall to your own choice of battle music specially chosen to energize you through hours of long hard gaming. The Soundcloud app for Xbox One is available now! Be sure to download it today and stream all of your favorite songs, podcasts and other audio for all of your gaming and listening needs. Happy gaming!

Featured Image via Sky Ferreira Wiki

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