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Spera raises $10M to manage identity security posture.

Photo: Spera

Spera, a Palo Alto-based security firm that helps organizations prevent identity-driven attacks, announced a $10 million initial investment round headed by YL Ventures, including famous angel investors and serial entrepreneurs.

The company’s founders, Dor Fledel (CEO) and Ariel Kadyshevitch (CTO), say that an organization’s identity surface is now the number one attack vector. Still, as firms use more third-party services, it’s harder to manage using traditional methods. For example, it typically means employees have access to products they don’t require and excessively high privileges in other tools, or former employees’ accounts on third-party platforms may stay active.

“Without visibility, these risks cannot be adequately monitored, prioritized and remediated,” the business says. “Despite security teams investing in IAM, Zero Trust programs, and other identity security and risk management technologies, attackers leverage this disarray to their advantage.”

Spera gives enterprises a single solution to manage all elements of identity security, from visibility and context, to avoid assaults through repair after that.

Spera helps corporations save license fees by finding dormant accounts that may be switched off.

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