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Stephen Curry Throws Away Fan’s LeBron James Sneakers While On Tour

It seems as though star player for the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, is being a sore winner about his team’s victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA 2017 finals. Curry was on tour in Asia to promote his latest line of sneakers and held a basketball camp in Seoul, where one talented Korean fan was able to hit a half-court shot and win a brand new pair of Under Armour SC30s.

Curry was there to personally present him with the sneakers but the NBA champ seemed to notice something to his disliking. The fan who was able to hit the half-court shot was proudly wearing full Warriors gear complete with a Stephen Curry jersey, the kid seemed to be a proud Warriors fan…. if it wasn’t for his sneakers, which were a pair of LeBrons. Curry would not stand for his rival showing his face in his camp let-alone one of his fans wearing a pair of his sneakers, so he proceeded to take off the kid’s Nike sneakers and throw them to the side before signing the SC30s on the kid’s feet.

Last year LeBron was seen in a Warriors jersey after his team’s victory over the Warriors in the 2016 NBA finals, most took this as LeBron’s way of taking a shot (pun intended) at the Warriors, but the Cleveland Cavaliers star insisted that it was nothing, it was simply the only jersey he had in his bag at the time. The fan who was so ecstatic about the entire situation didn’t even seem to mind that his LeBrons were just chucked to the side. The Tai Chi exhibition doesn’t seem to have helped Curry’s rivalry against LeBron but at least he got to make a young fan happy, hopefully he’ll be able to give others the same joy on the rest of his tour, so long as his fans aren’t wearing LeBron James gear that is.

However, the mocking doesn’t end there for the Cavaliers superstar, Curry was recently seen at a wedding for ex-Warrior and current Maverick, Harrison Barnes soon turned into a LeBron James mock-session when Curry began imitating the dance LeBron posted on himself doing on Instagram to First Day Out by Tee Grizzley to pump himself up in the gym. LeBron’s teammate Kyrie Irving seemed to find Curry’s dance amusing, as he was right there next to Curry hyping him up. The mocking however, seems to all be in good fun as the dance has become a part of what’s known as the #LeBronChallenge where someone plays the song and imitates the same dance moves as LeBron, the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar may not have won the series, but he did manage to create a new challenge.

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.