Nintendo has decided to re-release another one of its classic consoles and fans are in high demand for the 16-bit gaming hardware. Nintendo recently announced that they will be releasing the SNES Classic Edition complete with 21 of the SNES titles. Nintendo did a similar release with the coveted NES Classic and promises the SNES Classic won’t be as rare, but realistically it will still be hard for gamers to find one, especially since Nintendo keeps making these classic consoles limited editions. Luckily an easier and less expensive option has been found, Hyperkin the makers of Retro hardware such as RetroN 5 and the SmartBoy have announced the Supa RetroN HD.

Hyperkin’s product designer Chris Gallizzi has stated that unlike the upcoming SNES Classic Edition, which is a closed system with 21 pre-loaded titles already downloaded, the Supa RetroN HD has the replicated internal hardware of 16-bit systems such as the SNES and is able to play physical cartridges. However, this does mean that gamers will have to have SNES games in order to play the system. Nintendo Life has reviewed the system and stated that the Supa RetroN HD will output 720p via HDMI or composite cables. The games will be able to be played in their 4:3 ratio or the 16:9 full screen ratio, the system will come with an SNES-style controller, and the system is not region locked and will be able to play games from North America, Japan, and Europe.

Currently no price has been revealed for the upcoming console, but from looking at the costs of it’s predecessors the console will definitely be much cheaper than the upcoming SNES Classic. The RetroN1 HD (it’s predecessor) is priced at $40, but it is expected that since the Supa RetroN is the upgraded model it will be priced higher, possibly around $60 still $20 cheaper than the $80 SNES Classic Edition. Obtaining games for the Supa RetroN may be the only real expensive to gamers as the games can range from $8-$20 depending on which game is purchased, with the exception of games like Star Fox and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, which cost a whopping $489 and $399 respectively. Currently there is no specific release date for the Supa RetroN HD but Hyperfine promises that the console will be released before the end of the year, while the SNES Classic Edition is set to release on September 29th. Happy gaming!

Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons

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