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Super Anthony: RC Battle Robot With 45kg Servo Punch

Real Steel is beginning to look much less like science fiction. At 15 inches high, Super Anthony is a bit too short for that kind of competition, but it’s a start.

Super Anthony is a remote-control bipedal battle robot sure to put any Rock ’em Sock ’em Robot competition to shame. The tiny bruiser’s Kickstarter page shows his shocking agility and touts the strength of the machine’s steel gears and singular focus to ensure maximum impact. The page also brags about the robot’s surprisingly long list of included attack moves, including a full-fledged side kick where the tiny machine shifts all of its weight onto a single arm and uses both legs to deliver a devastating kick.

And unlike those RC fighting machines from your childhood, this robot keeps on fighting after it’s been knocked down. Advanced programs and maneuvers allow for swift rolls and recovery from any knockdown, and the machine even accepts a commend to transform from a roving forward roll into a crushing forward kick, or from a backward roll into a rising punch.

What’s more, the machine’s list of moves might eventually become nearly infinite. From the Kickstarter page:

“With the help of InnoBASIC Workshop, you can easily develop your unique attacks—whether it’s a punch, forward slam, or backward flip, he’ll give a perfect finishing blow to guarantee victories!”

The addition of custom moves will allow this tiny bot to be a frame for more than just tiny robo showdowns. While it was designed for combat, its high maneuverability and recovery options also give it utility in other areas, such as breaking it down with sweet dance moves or even picking up a cold soda from the fridge.

Super Anthony is Bluetooth compatible and designed for easy maintenance. Although he can be commanded with a variety of input devices, the page does recommend a console controller or similar. Each button can be mapped to a custom command, and Super Anthony also comes pre-baked with a series of attack and utility motions for those looking to jump straight into the action.

The default controls are reminiscent of a boxing game. On a controller, the left and right shoulder buttons deliver left and right straight punches, the bottom face button (X on a PlayStation Controller, A on an Xbox Controller) is a crouch button for dodging high attacks, the left and right face buttons give left and right uppercuts, and clicking in either control stick picks the bot off the ground.

Of course, the best fighter the robo-ring has to offer can’t be yours without a bit of an investment. Once again similar to Real Steel, it seems the best robots are only available for those with the money to buy them. If you can’t wait to get your hands on a Super Anthony, you can opt into the super early bird pack, which nets a sweet $700 off the retail price $2,000 machine. The super early bird supporters will also get a special feature: If they so choose, they can cover their Anthony fighters with a custom set of flame decals, a look completely exclusive to these backers.

Alternatively, high-rollers might opt to start their own fighting ring with the $2,600 super dual pack, offering up two fighters at a whopping $1,400 off, complete with replacement parts, charging stations, access to the move customization software, and your fair share of custom looks and decals.

The biggest bang-for-buck pack is the Group Fight pack, weighing in at $5,100 for four fighting machines. This pack exists for two reasons: Four-player free for all wars or bulk purchasing for the purposes of raising a robot army and taking over the world.

We’ll let you guess which one we’re more interested in.

Featured Image Via Official Super Anthony Kickstarter Page

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.