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The New Huawei X Gentle Monster has a stylish design

Huawei X Gentle Monster

Huawei makes amazing products from time to time. Recently, the company introduced Huawei P40 Pro. Now, the company has launched Huawei X Gentle Monster in the market, which is audio sunglasses.  

The concept behind audio sunglasses is quite simple. When you are outside, and you don’t want to be troubled with headphones, you can stream audio through the sunglasses which have speakers inside them that point towards your ears.

Regarding the design, Huawei has taken a different route and partnered with renowned fashion brand, Gentle Monster, to make the glasses more attractive. Now, let’s see whether they are good enough to replace your headphones.  


You can get the Huawei X Gentle eyewear through Huawei’s stores for just AED 1,460. They are available in two forms, a fashion variant dubbed Eastmoon with rounder lenses and a sporty jackbye model with dark lenses.  

In comparison to the Bose Frames, these audio glasses cost twice as much. However, the Huawei’s eyewear comes along with a charging case. Moreover, the standard Gentle Monster sunglasses cost 1000 AED, so you are paying just a little extra for this technology 


Most audio glasses have bulky features that give themselves away as wearable gadgets. However, the great thing about these audio glasses is that they don’t look like a tech product at all.  

They are lightweight and weigh just 46g. They fit comfortably on your face, and if it weren’t for the audio in these sunglasses, you would think you are wearing normal sunglasses.  

Huawei X Gentle Monster design

The temples contain a speaker and mic; however, they are impressively thin. The only thing that gives away Huawei X Gentle tech is the charging case that they come with. Moreover, they are larger than the average sunglasses pouch. On the bottom, there is a USB-C port and a pairing button.  

Audio Quality:  

The amazing thing about Huawei X Gentle Monster frames is that they also function as Bluetooth headphones. Tiny dual speakers direct the sound to your ears, which is quite good.  

The background noise is an issue with noise keeping you from getting immersed in playback. The dual mic present in the frame’s arms reduces the environmental noise to some extent. Moreover, there are limited controls as there no buttons on the frame.  

Regarding the quality, the Huawei X Gentle Monster is impressive. The mics have clear audio during calls, and you won’t have trouble talking. However, the audio sunglasses leak sound, and people around you can hear your conversations.  

Battery Life:  

If you want to listen in short bursts, the battery life is acceptable. However, if you want to use these audio glasses for longer durations, you will have to place them in a charging case.  

The sunglasses last a little over two hours on full charging, which is a bit less than their claimed 2.5 hours. You can add another six hours with the help of a charging case.  


The Huawei X Gentle Monster has an impeccable design. Although these headphones look better than their competition, their sound quality isn’t up to the mark. So, they can’t replace your headphones. Moreover, their high price isn’t going to attract everyone.  

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The future of technological innovation is here. Be the first to discover the latest advancements, insights, and reviews. Join us in shaping the future.