As odd as it may sound, Target has released over-ear wireless headphones as part of their Heyday brand. They come at the comfortable price of sixty dollars and customers have surprisingly stated that they are of actual good quality.

The headphones are pretty lightweight and are quite comfortable. Despite of a minimal and simple aesthetic look, the clean colors and structure work and make them look stylish. They come at three colors: tan, grey and black, all with gold touches.

They are easy to use, power on and pair with electronic devices.  Its buttons are multifunctional, as the power button also pauses music or responds to calls and the volume buttons can move tracks back and forth.

When it comes to the sound itself, it becomes a matter of taste. The headphones themselves don’t accentuate the bass, something many listeners may want in their headphones. The sound is a bit detailed, which is uncommon for devices with a 60$ price.

Some people have some complaints, such as the fact that they don’t come with a case or that the headband puts pressure onto the top of people’s heads. But they are definitely in the minority, as many people are surprised that the headphones were attached to the Target brand.

These headphones’ entrance to the market also represents a rising presence of low-cost headphones that offer relatively solid sound quality, opening the market for newcomers. It is still unclear how most of these brands will attempt to sell their gadgets, as they aren’t considered among the best out there. However, Target does have an advantage over them because of how established it is and hopefully, it’ll use that to its benefit.

Overall, people have had a positive reception to Target’s newest venture into tech. While these headphones aren’t innovative or of top-tier quality, they are an over-average option for customers that want good sound quality without spending a fortune on it.

Featured image via Flickr/JeepersMedia

  • Maya Asregadoo

    It’s good to hear that Target has created cheaper headphones which are still good quality!