The newest Global Mission has been released for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, according to an announcement from the Pokémon Global Link official website.

This time, players will have to play the lottery to win big. Players from around the world have to play the lottery in the Festival Plaza or at the Alola Tourist Bureau (located in Hau’oli City) 1,000 times as a group.

If they reach this goal, then 2,000 Festival Coins will be handed out to players who don’t have a PGL (Pokémon Global Link) account but still contributed to the global mission. Players who do have a PGL account could win 4,000 Festival Coins, along with five Rare Candies and a Fast Ball if they play the lottery at least one time.

The event will run from July 25 to August 7, so get ready to rake in the rewards! Prizes from playing the lottery (referred to as Loto-ID) include a Moomoo Milk, a PP Up, a PP Max, a Rare Candy or a Master Ball, depending on how many digits match up.

The digits that are entered in the lottery come from the IDs of the Pokémon in your party and in the PC Box, so players have a pretty big chance to win big in this event if they have caught a lot of Pokémon.

Consolation prizes for the global mission if the goal isn’t reached are 200 Festival Coins for players without PGL accounts and 400 Festival Coins for players who do have a PGL account.

The announcement mentions that this will be the last global mission in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.

Pokémon Global Link has hosted eight other global missions since the release of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon for the Nintendo 3DS last November. Famously, the first global mission, which required players to catch 100 million Pokémon was an epic failure. Players only managed to catch over 16 million Pokémon, according to, a well known Pokémon fan website.

Some of the global missions mostly focused on using Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon’s newest features like using Island Scan to find hidden Pokémon and harvesting Poké Beans, which are grown on a little island you have access to in your menu. Other global missions included trading Pokémon through the GTS (Global Trade System), hatching Eggs, and defending your Pokémon League Champion title (which was the most recent mission).

Specifically, the Poké Bean global event smashed it’s goal of 3 million Poké Beans harvested, and players ended up harvesting over 75 million Poké Beans. Also, the Egg hatching global mission reached over 14 million Eggs hatched of its 200,000 original goal. So, hitting the 1,000 times played goal for the lottery event doesn’t seem like too much of a big deal.

The most recent global mission, to defend your Pokémon League Champion title, surpassed its goal of 100,000 times defended and had players fight against the Elite Four and the League Champion (if you haven’t become the League Champion already) over 200,000 times. This gave players the standard rewards (2,000 Festival Coins for players without PGL accounts, 4,000 Festival Coins for players with PGL accounts) along with a Moon Ball for passing the bonus goal of 200,000 titles defended.

The global missions are an amazing way to bring players together to win some awesome prizes in-game, and it helps keeps people interested in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon even after they have fully completed it. If you’re interested in more information on past global missions, visit the Pokémon Global Link official website. If this really is the last global mission, hurry up and play the lottery so that you can also win big prizes before time runs out!

Featured image via Flickr/BagoGames.